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What is to be hungry?

I have just read this question in one of the forums, and as someone else answered it, I just pondered about it. I am still pondering…

Is it feeling dizzy, is it a rumble in the stomach, is it meal time? How out of contact with our bodies we are! Right now it is meal time, I know I could eat if I had cooked something, but I am interested in this post that I could also wait for another hour to eat. If I had not been reading that forum, I would probably had eaten earlier… Was I hungry earlier? Not as much as now!

So, is keeping busy the key to eating when we are really hungry? Is boredom such an enemy to us, disordered eating people? I will keep pondering!

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By susana
On May 2, 2013
At 7:45 am
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tryingbeauty Says:

I also read on a forum about the “root cause” for over eating, and some mentioned axiaty (which is also part of my reason) and boredom is also another BIG one (one of mine aswell)

I have also read that one shouls not wait to eat till you are hungry (tto hungry) cos then you tend to over eat…..This over load of information confuses people ( me being one of them) I try really hard to do all the “right” thing for loosing weight, but it is such a constant battle that eventually I just feel overwhelmed ad think F THIS!!!

Boredom is also a huge part of why we eat…I am trying to rather do other things when I know I am bored instead of eating. Phoning a friend, taking a walk in the garden, blogging…JUST SOMETHING!!

susana Says:

Thanks for you comment! I so agree with you… We need to keep busy, but to make those activities meaningful to us and to others. Doing something useful will make us feel good about ourselves, and that also has an impact on the way we feel, and consequently on our eating…


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