A Summer Cut Short

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Well, I have returned from my job up north having to cut it short due to a personal emergency that requires my immediate attention on the homefront. Nothing to do with my own family but the father of my children (ex-husband) who is causing problems in my life.

So here I am and I suppose you’d like to know how I fared in the great beyond! 🙂 So I guess I will tell you.

When I left, I was 260+lbs with high blood pressure of 192/86 and my doctor wanted to put me on medications to lower my BP. I have news to report that after only 3 months working up north I have now….

Lost 35lbs and counting and my BP is now 127/75 which is NORMAL RANGE!!! Woot!!! So now I’ve gone from being a 4x shirt size down to a LARGE!!! I am officially OUT of the plus sizes for shirts. I couldn’t be more happier with my progress. I have lost approximately 6 inches off my hips and waist so far and plan on continuing this weightloss even now. I’m already halfway to my goal of losing 60lbs by the end of October. I NEED to succeed! For me, for my family and for my life…. I choose life with both hands and take back what I gave up so long ago now…. my self-esteem and affirm that I AM WORTH IT!!! and I DESERVE THIS!!!

The plan is to be down to 200lbs by November of this year. With tenacious determination, I WILL DO THIS!

A LOT of the weightloss is due to good old fashioned HARD WORK and SMALLER PORTIONS! I eliminated the added salt from my food and also from my cooking. Being in the food industry it can be hard to remember a day without salt since it is used very liberally in any commercial restaraunt and fast food joint. That’s how they make it taste so good! That, and chemical additives and fillers. Anyways, I also played a lot of golf, tennis and canoeing which helped with keeping my boredom at bay. I drank TONS of water and I mean TONS of water! I was, and still am drinking about 4-6 liters of water a day. It helps with hydration but also does something a lot more important…. it makes me feel full when I’m not really hungry during the day between meals.

So here I am. Back home and all the more determined to continue losing this weight. A LOT lighter and a LOT healthier.

Way to go ME!!!!! woot!

Weather: Hot, Hot, Hot

Mood: elated!

Sleep: 5hrs did not sleep well. It will take time to adjust to my bed again after being gone for 3 months

Physical: GREAT! I’ve been keeping very active and am feeling so much better for it!

Activities: Eliptical – 1hrs = 773cals burned

Total Calories Allowed: 1677cal

Total Calories Consumed: 1817cal


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