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12 Feb, 2013

Frustrated fatty….on Fat Tuesday….go figure!!

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Ok, someone please tell me how this works….

At my weigh-in on last Friday I was BEYOND ecstatic as I dropped 7.4 lbs since my last weigh-in! Wow right?! I was so excited that I created a short-term goal for myself to get down to 169 by the end of this week at which point I would see my colleagues from across the state that I haven’t seen since November.  Basically, I’m hoping for that shock and awe moment.   Since my weight was at 176, I figured it would be no problem to shed those 7lbs again. However, to expedite the process I went and signed up at my local gym just to be sure.  I’ve had two days of really great work-outs consisting of mostly running/ walking on the treadmill and doing light muscle toning exercises.  So someone please tell me WHY I have not dropped not ONE ounce since last Friday????  In fact, it appears that I’ve gained weight.  The same day as my weigh-in, with all my clothes, etc. my weight was 176.8.  I went directly home and did the whole “what’s my real weight” thing and ditched the extra weight of the clothes and hoped on the scale.  It read 174.2.  I did the same thing the next morning.  again- 174.2.  Now today, as I hop on the scale without the extra weight of clothing it reads 176.8…….duuurrrrrr…..what???

I have not cheated.   I have been consistent with when and how I weigh myself.  The only thing that has changed is I’ve increased my physical activity.


06 Feb, 2013

Skinny Chunk slinked into some skinny jeans!

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Apparently, I am losing more inches than I think.  I realize this is measurable, but it seems that I am measuring all the wrong spots.  The inches don’t seem to be going down as much as I thought they would, but somewhere along the way I’ve apparently lost the inches in all the right spots to wear 2 jean sizes smaller than I’ve been wearing.  Thank goodness Walmart has some cheap-o, semi-cute, good-enough-for-right-now jeans that I could buy for under $20.00.  I must confess they are a little snug but I’m certain within a week they will be juuuussst right and the week following they will need the assistance of a belt to hang on to my vanishing love handles. I got a pair of L.E.I.s….I seriously didn’t know those still existed.  I used to wear them in middle school.  They were the “cool” jeans at that time and everyone wanted a pair.  They were on the more expensive side too.

I’m really starting to feel more confident with my new improving look.  I’ve actually started to style my hair again, consciously apply my make-up, and really consider what I might wear for the day.  Before I was so down on how I looked I could care less.  In fact, it was a goal every morning to wear something that wouldn’t make me stand out- something that would allow me to duck unnoticed into a dark corner to hide in case a semi-attractive male happened to walk by.  Just having that little confidence boost is really worth it’s weight in gold.  I may not be skinny yet, but I’m a helluva lot closer!  In fact, I don’t know if you’ve checked my progress bar on the “about” page lately, but I’ve almost reached the half-way point.

04 Feb, 2013

So God Made A Farmer….

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I enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday in the comforts of my own home, in my big easy chair, next to my stack of IP approved veggies. As dull and boring as that sounds, I was happy not to be sitting next to a stack of bbq wings, doritos, beer, and pizza. As I sat watching the game, not particularly caring who won, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself to not be stuffing my face with crappy food and reflecting on how far I’ve come in just a short amount of time. THEN this commercial came on an interrupted my reverie. All of a sudden I was not thinking about how proud of myself I am, but rather how proud I am to be from Montana and know that my friends and family are exactly who this commercial refers to. It was amazing!

If you didn’t catch the commercial (advertising Dodge pick-up trucks) here is the youtube link

28 Jan, 2013

Did someone hit the pause button?

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Good grief! Blogging on a regular basis has proven to be more difficult than I expected! Nonetheless, I’m back to report on my progress. My weigh-in day is today, but my coach is out of town so I used my own scale and weighed myself at the same time my coach woyld have. Looks like a solid 2 lb loss! I’m very excited to have conitunued to lose, but this is not quite the number I lost the last two weigh ins. Bummer. Although my theory is that I’m getting very close to “that special time of the month” and since I typically put on 3-5lbs during that time, a 2 lb loss will be a huge achievement at my next weigh-in.

21 Jan, 2013

Woo Hoooo!!!

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I officially lost 7 lbs this week! That makes 14lbs total since I started the Ideal Protien diet. The inches don’t seem to be dropping quite as quickly as the pounds except for my boobs. Damn boobs…..hogging all the weight loss.

20 Jan, 2013

The Great Shrinking Woman…

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OK kids! Well tomorrow is weigh-in #2. According to my own scale I am down to 184.5!!! Of course, no matter what, tomorrow’s weight will be a smidge more since I will be wearing jeans and a shirt. I don’t know exactly how much that will add, but I’m guessing there will be a 3-5lb difference. I can hardly contain my enthusiam! I’ll check back tomorrow and let you all know the final results.

17 Jan, 2013

Time flies when you’re getting skinny!!

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correction….time flies only when you’re blogging about getting skinny.  Getting skinny is a looonnngg drawn out process.  I apologize for all the time that has passed since my last post.  I happen to be exceptionally busy with work at the moment and just haven’t found an opportunity to log on.

Since my last post, I had my first weigh-in and….drum roll please………

I officially lost 7 lbs!! I know I probably won’t have many more dramatic weight losses like this one, but it was such a great feeling to be reassured that this is going to work and IS working.

I also went ice fishing since my last post.  Let’s just say the results of my weigh-in were much better than the result of my fishing trip.  I didn’t even get a bite!  Needless to say, I had to BUY a salmon fillet from the grocery store this week.  If I get all my housework and laundry done by Sunday, I will be venturing out onto the ice again and hopefully will have better luck….and better weather.

Can we talk about food now???  I have been enjoying the Ideal Protein food packets with the exception of the Pineapple drink mix.  I have had a ton of fun perusing Pinterest for IP recipes and have found some really tasty-looking ones.  So far, I’ve tried the cauliflower rice, rutabaga fries, turkey burger lettuce wraps, and zucchini apple pie slices (don’t worry, no REAL apples were harmed in this recipe….it’s 100% zucchini with apple pie spices). It was nice for something that tasted a little bit sweeter.  I went and bought a bunch of Walden Farm zero carb, zero cal, zero sugar dressings, but….well…um….no offense to the makers of these products, but YUCK! I am certainly not a picky eater….hence I am on the hefty side of life, but dang these are not good.  I’m not sure you could even acquire a taste for them.  Of course, being the good sport that I am, I will try my very best to put them to use and not waste them.  I would highly recommend the cauliflower rice and the rutabaga fries.  They were delicious.  I have my eye fixed on using the cauliflower as pizza dough in the future…but I am waiting to get to maintenance before I do.

Well that’s all for now.  I hope to sign on again sooner rather than later.  It’s just been “one of those” weeks.

11 Jan, 2013

I’m bringing sexy back

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whoops! I missed posting yesterday. It’s been a looong two days at work. Yesterday was a bit difficult to get through only because I was overtired and that always led to my food binges before. But I got through the worst of it and managed not to cheat.

Today is soooo cold! We have a winter storm advisory and all I want is a cup of hot cocoa and a warm cookie. Thank goodness I had enough foresight to completely clean out my cabinets of anything that might allow my cravings to turn into a complete diet failure. I had to reschedule my appointment and will be weighing in tomorrow afternoon. So excited to post my official results because my unofficial results are pretty great!

09 Jan, 2013

Cheater, cheater bison steak eater!!

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Let me first start by saying I DID NOT cheat BUT I felt as if I did. The first two dinners I ate on the IP diet were grilled trout (so good!), but last night I treated myself to a 6oz. bison steak (even gooder….yes gooder….that implies more than saying “even better”, LOL!).  After eating my delicious dinner I felt overly full and like I might have eaten too much. I had a serious mental block to overcome last night as I considered everything for the last 3 days. I haven’t felt hungry, I haven’t had any cravings (except for a quick blip when someone brought snickerdoodle cookies to my office), I haven’t been irritable, nor have I had any other symptoms of discomfort. I had convinced myself last night that I must be doing something terribly wrong and I had just slapped a big thick juicy steak on top of all of that. People, I’m telling you I went into sheer panic mode. The “what ifs” came lurking in my head. What if I’m eating something that’s not allowed on the diet and its sabotaging my weight loss? What if I am the only person to ever attempt IP and never lose weight? What if I am fat the rest of my life?  PAN-IC! So I started figuring out what I was going to do….skip a meal? (no that’s not helpful), eat smaller portions? (no, they are already small enough), have a killer exercise schedule? (well, maybe….exercise should be part of everyone’s life no matter how busy they are).  So the solutions kept rattling through my head.  Then? I finally got myself talked down from the ledge so I could rationalize.  I have followed the diet EXACTLY, but it’s only the end of day 3 and my body is changing how it processes food.  Everyone’s body is different and mine is just adjusting to this routine better than others perhaps.  I told myself things will be better tomorrow.

Well, it’s tomorrow and I’m beginning Day 4.  I took a risk and jumped on my scale this morning hoping that it had turned into one of those scales that Special K cereal has featured in their commercials….you know the ones that don’t give a weight reading they say inspirational words like: Joy, freedom, determined, success, beautiful.  That’s what I was hoping my scale would pop up for me this morning because I was sure I was going to be disappointed with the number it popped up.

So there I was at a stand off with my scale at 6:30a.m.  (Meanwhile, I’m giving myself a motivational speech in my head, “Jerrica, it’s ok if the scale says you haven’t lost anything.  You just started.  You are doing the right things.  This is going to work.  It’s only day 4.  Keep going no matter what it says.  We’re just checking in on our progress that’s all.”

I stepped on….


Ya’ll! (Channeling Paula Deen) it said I lost 3 pounds!!!  3 pounds in 3 days!!  Okay, so I was obviously being way too hard on myself.  I am moving in the right direction.  THANK GOD.  Of course, I won’t be posting my results on my weight tracker (see the “about” page) until I have had my official weigh-in which is next Tuesday.  I still have 6 days left to chisel away at the lard!  Today is a good day!

08 Jan, 2013

Day 3: Game on!

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I have made it through the first two days with little to no hunger. The Ideal Protein food is pretty darn good (surprisingly). I am feeling motivated and determined. I took some time to find different recipes to use because I think that the only thing that might trip me up is letting this diet get monotonous. I have a game plan to keep variety in what I am eating. I also feel like this is the first time in a long time that all the key components to success are in place.

1. Self Determination- I have a fire in my belly and it’s NOT hunger.

2. Multiple support resources- Family, friends, and my weight loss coach.

3. New attitude- I have finally told myself that it’s okay to be selfish this time around. I will no longer allow myself to be deterred by anyone/ anything else- friends, family, or work if it means that my diet will be altered or broken in any way.

  • rachel: Also why you have to give yourself that critical in eye in the mirror and ask how do I look? What's my shape? Do I look closer to how I want to look?
  • Ann: Muscle? I hate to say that but it could be. You could be retaining water because you are working out. Your muscles are recovering and will hold wat
  • kisskiss: I really loved that commercial, it was well done and that speech was wonderful