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28 Dec, 2013

Trying to not lose myself

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I really have not kept up with this journal very much. I do believe it will be helpful in keeping me to my goals so the reasons to why I haven’t posted will really seem lame in comparison to the excuses I could come up with for not. I have been working quite a bit […]

29 Nov, 2013

What’s wrong with me? Oh yea. I’m fat.

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It has been so long since I have posted anything. I am dealing with a lot of fears right now about what I have done wrong and what is going right. I have finished my bachelors degree and I have begun another one—a more intense program. Nursing school. Enough said? For those who have ever […]

17 Jan, 2011

New Guy!!!

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SO I will copy and paste from my previous posting in my 280’s Ladies thread: Edit: Kinda long post!!! Have some time of your hands for this one! Ohhhhh ladies! I’m here!! I’m floating on cloud 9. The butterflies are just fluttering in my stomach every minute of every day for the last couple weeks. […]

28 Dec, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping. Kill. Me. Now. Please.

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Good Lord. I copy and pasted the below part because I had written it elsewhere and I am too lazy to come up with new thoughts right now. 12/27/2010 10:59 AM. OK so today is the mark of a new day. I’ve decided that today is when I will force myself out of this funk. […]

19 Dec, 2010

Update: Off Plan

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Oiy!  I am slowly slipping away from my plan and it’s really getting to me. I was hoping to be close to 50 lbs down by my birthday but I guess I’ll have to settle for a new decade by then. I am going back to South Beach. I got my appetite back by going […]

25 Nov, 2010


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I am feeling a bit lonely. My roommate is moving out. Did I say that I had a roommate? Well she was a good friend of mine that I met through school. She is a year younger and it shows. Then again I think I’m a 40 year old in a twenty-two year old’s body […]

16 Nov, 2010

Accepting Failure and Allowing Myself to Be Happy

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I realize that it isn’t always the easiest to accept my failures. This becomes abundantly clear the more and more I set this outlandish goals and then not reach them. I don’t think I do this purposely of course–that is set a high weight loss goal and then not reach it–but sometimes I wonder why […]

12 Nov, 2010


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Damnit it all it to hell! I’m sick. FML. I hate hate hate hate hate hate being sick! I just absolutely hate it. I hate the scratchy throat, the coughing, the aches, the not being able to do anything! Ugh I just hate it all. Lets see how being sick has affected my weight. Monday […]

24 Oct, 2010


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So I am currently in the middle of my mother’s visit. She is with some old highschool friends from the reunion right now having breakfast. I feel like I am letting my weight slip out from underneath me for this mini staycation. I went out to dinner with a friend last night pretty late and […]

17 Oct, 2010

Finally the 250’s!!

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So it has been a while since I have posted. My bad. I finally broke into the 250’s. ‘Bout damn time! I bounced back and forth between 259 and 260 for a couple weeks too. I think I have finally found what got me out of my stall. Sticking to South Beach has really made […]

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