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smaller sizes

I got into a 6 this weekend and that kinda freaked me out but I am okay with it. It used to freak me out more but I am okay with it now. I still have trouble in stores determining my size. I still can’t look at something knowing it will fit. As well, since I am a bit reshaped I seem to have a different look now. So, a lot has changed but it’s all good. All good.

I am currently a size 10. Been wearing some 8’s lately but this past weekend I got into a size 6 pair of jeans so we will see.

Smaller sizes use up a lot less fabric. That has taken some getting used to.

As of yesterday, weighing in at 128. Wow. Really getting there.

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  1. Congratulations on fitting into smaller sizes!

  2. i don’t understand your line of thought. could you make it clearer please?

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