44 degrees

Now that’s exercising weather!  Looking forward to coming home today and hitting the old treadmill.  My workout room is still upstairs and it still gets way too hot up there in the summer.  Now that the temp is coming down, I should be able to use it without burning up.

We went camping this weekend.  All the grandkids were whining that they never get to sleep in a tent and the RV isn’t really camping so we decided to accomodate them.  Took the three youngest along with DS and went to General Butler State Park this weekend.  It was a long weekend.  We were off Friday, Sat, and Sun and the kids are still off today but I’ve got to work.  Anyway, we pitched two tents, inflated air beds, got a roaring campfire going, set everyone up with a picnic table and did somores with them.   DH and I bid them goodnight and went in the RV.

Woke up at 1:30 with Scout climbing into bed with us.  By 3:00,  Jake was whining that he was cold and wanted to stay in the RV.  Holly made it to 4:00 before she was stretching out on the sleeper sofa and enjoying the central heat.  Guess they don’t make very good campers.  And that was with airbeds!  They never would have made it the way we used to camp…on those skinny little air matresses that we blew up and tried to center under our sleeping bags.  They always went flat and we’d wake up freezing cold and miserable.

Gotta run…work is waiting.  At least, we don’t have kids today.  It’s an inservice day for teachers.


sunnydaze says 4th October @ 11:39

Sounds like you had some nice quality time with the grand kids. I’m loving this cooler weather – like you said, great for exercising.

susan says 4th October @ 12:28

Those old air mattresses build character and made you into the awesome woman you are today 🙂

brseay says 4th October @ 17:48

What great memories you’re making w/the grandkids. And btw, I would not make a good camper either. I think Manny would even be roughing it for me 🙂

Now that it’s cool enough for the treadmill is it uncovered? Can you get to it? Is your Ipod charged? Make sure there are no obstacles to get in your way and GO FOR IT!!!

beerab says 4th October @ 18:05

Once we got an RV I never ever went camping any other way lol.

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