Call 911

I feel like I’m dying.  And it’s a slow and painful death.

Went with the 8th graders on a field trip yesterday to King’s Island.  Not something I would ordinarily do but good buddy Phyllisann has been working all year to put together a field trip for 250 8th graders and was in desperate need of teacher chaperones.  I told her “no” the first time she asked, told her “I’d think about it and try to work it out” the second time she  asked and finally succumbed when she called begging 3 days before the event.  She had extra chaperone tickets and was begging for any and all adults she could get so DH and DS went along as well.  Not that they have any idea what to do with 250 8th graders but we’re required to have one adult for every ten kids.  We were assigned a group of 26 kids and they were really a good group.  Still…it’s like taking 26 of your own kids to King’s Island for the day.  You have to deal with lost money, lost lunches, lost kids, and lost patience.  We were supposed to leave at 7:00 but didn’t get on the road until 8:00.  Turns out two kids put all their stuff in a locker over by the Beach, at the far extreme of the park, and then lost the key or something.  Not one of our group but all six busses had to leave together so we all got delayed.

I felt sorry for the bus driver who came over to our bus while we were waiting for the park staff to help the kids with the locker problem and asked our bus driver if he had “any of that stuff that neutralizes vomit” with him.  He didn’t and the unfortunate driver walked away looking rejected and resigned.  Imagine that scenario…50 kids on a bus for 3 hours with the smell of vomit lingering in the air.  Bet they kept the windows down.

I had actually considered going to Disney World with DH this summer.  Just the two of us.  The last couple of times we went, we took the kids and grandkids and we stayed at the hotel while they did the park.  Glad I had this “test run”.  No, thank you.  There’s no ride out there that’s worth it.  We actually only went on three rides.  One of them had a 45 minute wait and another had an hour wait.  My ankle was killing me.  I couldn’t help cringeing when I rounded up my 26 kids and had to escort them back to the bus.  I know it really wasn’t ten miles but it sure felt like it as I hobbled and limped out to the north forty.

We finally got home around 11:00, I limped out to the spa and it took everything I had to drag myself out of it a few minutes later and collapse in bed. 

No, I don’t think Disney World is in the picture this summer.



round says 15th May @ 15:06

LOL – last summer we were in California and did a few parks & rides & wow I was so not into it. The waits just kill you & suck any fun it might have been out of it.

Unless I have my own kids to take to such a thing, count me out of that, thank you very much (and even with my own future kids, I’ll try to organize for them to go with friends & family)

brseay says 15th May @ 18:15

Oh, the joy of field trips. The last one I went on a kid accidentally killed a duck at the zoo. It was a complete fluke but our principal just about killed the kid on the spot!

Can you hang out in the spa until Monday?

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