Looks like an expensive weekend shaping up.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I need to get Valentine’s goodies for DH and the grandkids.  On top of that, tomorrow is the twin’s birthdays.  They’ll be 19.  I asked them what they wanted and Steven said, “A car”.  Fat chance, Buddy.  Sometimes it’s difficult having twin grandkids.  Everything is doubled.  Then, of course, Thursday is DS’s birthday.  He has Jake and Scout this weekend and I guess I’ll have to spirit them away and buy presents for them to give Daddy.  Obviously, DIL won’t do it but then, she completely forgot his entire birthday last year.

DH really wants to get away for a while.  He wants to go to the casino.  I said, “We can’t afford it this weekend.  I’ve got to spend a fortune on presents.”

He said, “All the more reason to go.  You might win enough to cover the presents and then some!”

Yeah, maybe…but I haven’t been very lucky the last couple of times.  Lost my $20 almost before I could get it in the slot.

My neighbor in Florida emailed me yesterday.  She was so excited.  They were calling for snow!  She invited her daughter, SIL, and grandkids over for dinner.  They were going to sit in her sunroom, eat chili and drink hot cocoa and hope to catch a glimpse of some snow.  Really, Lavonne, I just can’t get excited for you…  Maybe we should grill hamburgers and drink iced tea in the family room and try to catch a glimpse of some sunshine.  Nah….don’t think it’s gonna work.

Guess I’d better get a shower and make some decisions.  I’ve got a lot of shopping to do.

6:00 p.m. update- Back from shopping.  I bought Andrew a beautiful new coat reduced from $210 to $60.00 with an additional 15% off that when I checked out AND a coupon for $20.00 in Kohl’s cash that I can use next week.  I wasn’t sure if he’d like it but, thank God, he loved it.  Steven, on the other hand, is getting a cell phone.  DS wouldn’t give me a single clue on what he wanted and absolutely refused all my suggestions until he finally said what he’d really like was sleds for the kids.  Actually, I think that’s a pretty good idea.  He loves taking them sledding and both of their sleds broke last year.  So I gave him my debit card and sent him out in search of sleds.  Told him to go ahead and get three of them.  I don’t know if he’ll find any but they’re calling for another 6 to 12 inches of snow in the next few days and I know he’d really enjoy taking Jake and Scout out sledding.  I got Holly a necklace and perfume for Jake and Scout to give her.  Got DH some weird Valentine’s gifts but I know he’ll like them.  I went by Lotsa Pasta and got him a pound of Tortellini salad with mozzarella, artichoke salad and a loaf of garlic focaccia.  I know it sounds strange but he loves the stuff and I don’t go out that way very often so I made the trip today.  He’s been drooling over the focaccia for the past hour.  Golden brown with huge roasted garlic cloves peeking through. 

We went to Whole Foods and Scout and Jake got a sample of cheese.  Then they got a sample of cake.  Then they got a sample of chocolate truffles.  I was looking through the cheese section and I happened to look around and saw them trailing behind me like baby ducks carrying platters with egg rolls and baklava laid out.  Scout had even arranged a pile of conversation hearts in the middle of his plate.  I couldn’t believe it.  My eyes must have gotten huge because they both stopped in the middle of big bites of egg roll and said, “What???”

“Where did you get that?”

“Over there”

They pointed to the food bar.  We’d walked by it and they just assumed it was more samples.  While I was browsing, they’d taken plates and picked out what they wanted and were happily munching away.  No wonder they’d been so quiet and compliant!  I went in search of someone to pay and the employee stocking the hot bar laughed his ass off and said to just forget it and let them enjoy.

I’m back home now.  Jake, Scout, and Holly are downstairs playing video games.  Two little boys from the neighborhood are visiting them (including the one from next door who absolutely CANNOT leave me alone for five minutes).   “What are you doing, Miss Pat?  Are you playing a game on your computer?  Huh?  What are you doing Ms. Pat?  Do you like computer games?  I like computer games.  Can I play games on your computer, Miss Pat?  Huh?  Can I?  Huh?”  I smell like a half dozen different kinds of cheap little girl perfume that Jake and Scout insisted I spray all over my wrist while they were choosing which one to get Holly.  Steven wants to know if we can go out and get his cell phone since Andrew already got his birthday present a day early. 

I know it’s only 20 degrees outside but I’m getting a beer and heading out to the spa.  Maybe no one will notice that I’m gone….


rachwms says 13th February @ 11:06

Ha! Yeah I can’t get excited about snow either! I am off to get a present for my three year old, luckily they are happy with just a stuffed animal…

canadianchunky says 13th February @ 17:06

Isn’t the whole point of living in Florida escaping the snow??? I hope everyone enjoys your gifts. I agree, the kasino is a big gamble! We have an advertising line “set your limit and stay within it”. If you keep to that, you should be fine.

brseay says 13th February @ 20:02

We had sunshine today for the first time in what felt like forever. Even though it’s still cold it was beautiful.

susan says 14th February @ 10:21

Hee! You done good, Miz. Patty.

That neighbor kid reminds me of that kid in “A Christmas Story” who stood in line in front of Ralphy to see Santa.

siobhanmc says 14th February @ 20:51

that is so funny about the boys and the food … Sounds like something my grandkids would do.

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