A glass of wine, a clawfoot tub and a warm, moonless night.


brseay says 30th March @ 12:46

Sounds glorious, enjoy every minute!!

2dogs1lady says 30th March @ 16:50

*pointed stare* sigh..I get..a cuppa tea (made by me) a shower in an old bathroom….adn grey skies..

oh well. i have my chickies! ;o)

great to see you back girl!

grabthebull says 30th March @ 21:22

OMG I’m so jelly. Enjoy.

Joy says 31st March @ 6:40

sounds like a little bit of heaven! Enjoy every moment of it you deserve it!

anngirl says 31st March @ 21:54

Right on sistah.

What I wouldn’t do for a tall cold glass of concord grape juice.


Susan aka Happy Hag says 1st April @ 8:23

Ha ~ Patty!
Happy tub-side star gazing 🙂

2dogs1lady says 4th April @ 7:59

getting worried my friend…where are you>>>> if you dont get out of that water you are going to be as wrinkly as a grape they made the wine out of!

feathers says 5th April @ 3:40

Well that just sounds idyllic.

leighish says 9th April @ 0:01

that sounds amazing.

inkheartmeg says 13th April @ 4:12


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