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Gotta love the feeling skinny days March 18, 2010

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So as posted above I have to call today a “feeling” skinny day. Everyday now when I wear something I can just feel it in my clothes. the baggy spot in the front where my big belly would hang out on my shirts, don’t get me wrong its still there but it’s going away. I love it. I think this is the first time that i can FEEL a difference. Yesterday I was outside smoking with my husband and I saw my reflection and I just couldn’t help but look and say wow I can’t believe how much weight I have lost. granted it’s only 34 lbs but still!! And tomorrow is weigh in day so hopefully i’m below the 196.6 .. eeeehhh i’m excited

I have been doing very very well with my eating, which I am surprised. It has been difficult but I’ve been kickin ass and takin names, with the gym , eating, everything! I think my body and mind is starting to like the idea of weight loss, liking the gym , etc. and loving the way I feel. I feel more confident. I always wear jackets, hoodies, etc. everything to cover myself up and today.. I decided to NOT wear a jacket and I cannot tell you how many people noticed. “oh debra wow your not wearing a jacket, wow your not wearing a hoody”.. it’s because of the buldge!! lol I know I have a lot of work to do but I feel so great. I love how my clothes aren’t fitting my pants feel so loose and baggy , my shirts aren’t buldging in the font. God I could go on forever about how good this feels.
Also this might not be a very nice thing but hey it’s my blog so I’m going to say what I want. I do have to admit that I am excited to pass my sister’s weight.. she was very overweight .. about 273 a year ago and I talked her into getting a gym membership with me and she is the one who lost all the weight. She is down to 180 and looks great and I’m so proud of her. My whole family compliments her and gives her kudos which she deserves. But now it’s my turn.. they focused everything on her and now .. It’s MY turn. I am almost there and I can’t wait to shove it in her face! lol jk jk jk I am super proud of her but also it’s like since everything with her noone has even thought about me or my weight loss effort and I want my turn to be acknowledged. just once.

Anywho today is going great. Had a great work out this morning, my whole grain toast. chicken for lunch and my oh so lovely tuna salad. for dinner and making extra for lunch tomorrow to bring to work. I sat down with my husband last night and explained to him that I noticed that I do much better when I plan EVERYTHING ahead of time. So that part is already set! And he was super supportive as usual. But yes the planning helps me so much, like yesterday for example. I was giving my daughter some doritos and I was about to put one in my mouth, totally mindlessly, and stopped myself.. and asked “Is this apart of the plan”.. I was sooooo proud of myself. I have never done that!!! ever.. I feel like this time is for good. this time I CAN do it .

Have a good day everyone and I will post tomorrow and hopefully i’m down a pound or two.


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