NO peeking allowed!


Everything is stacked up in the corner.
Told Jen there is NO peeking allowed this week.
Patience….Christmas is almost here.

The week was just barely OK.
NO journaling.
Bare essentials for exercise.
Food was OK but not great.
Water was sparse.

Not a good start to the Holiday week to come.
I better watch it this week or the gain is going to be huge.

So on the menu is low fat dinners and lower carbs.
I would like to enjoy my Christmas dinner next week
and not feel stuffed starting the week before!!!!!!

That’s the plan. Adding back “in” all the missing goals.


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  1. Sounds like my weekends – water sparse, food ok but not great, no tracking…hard to be out of my normal weekday routines. But we can do it Mel – maintain, no gain!!

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