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Daniel Fast Day 5 | 190.2

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– 0.4 pound from yesterday / -4.6 pounds since starting the fast My mood yesterday I’ve noticed that my thoughts about all the other food I “used” to eat pre-fast are getting more and more frequent.  Chicken Tikka Masala, Chocolate, Tilapia, Eggs, etc. I definitely miss my meat! But I’m still feeling good.  As previously […]

Daniel Fast Day 4 | 190.6

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-0.6 pound since yesterday / -4.2 pounds since starting the fast My mood yesterday: Yesterday was a good day. I still feel energized (and that’s NUTS for me being on my period right now) I have noticed, however, that I’ve started craving animals. hahah! That sounds terrible.  My mom made eggs for dad yesterday morning.  […]

Daniel Fast Day 3 | 191.2

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– 1.4 pounds from yesterday / -3.6 pounds since starting the fast My mood yesterday: I woke up actually feeling rested.  The day went on as normal.  Then around 5:00 last night I got a surge of energy!  I felt like a tazmanian devil! Did all the laundry, washed all the sheets, bathed both kids, […]

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Daniel Fast Day 2 | 192.6

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-2.2 pounds.  I think a lot of that was purely water weight from the bloat that I felt from the past week and a half of food debauchery. But, I needed to get that off anyway.  Great start to the fast! Yesterday was day 1 of the fast.  I was excited about it, eating CLEAN! […]

The past week & a half has not been kind to me.   2 weeks ago, I weighed 189.2 or so.  As of this morning, 194.8!!!  I went on a food binge of epic proportions this past week.  I’m not sure that those 5+ pounds are “fat pounds” but a mixture of fat pounds and water […]

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