Moving Forward

Things are going well. I’ve been much less greedy about my potions lately and am still feeling a satisfied, balanced full at the end of most meals. I had leftover stew for lunch today. I didn’t finish it all. But really, I didn’t crave stew. I don’t even like it that much, but I had […]


Looking back on old posts, I am realizing that my portion sizes have sneaked up on me again. No wonder I have gained a bit back. My stress levels are off the charts compared to last spring. I’m sure my Cortisol levels are as well, contributing to the problem. However, I feel I have been […]

Winter Weight Blues

I haven’t posted in a while, although tonight is the perfect night, since the internet is too slow for much else. I have maintained most of my weight loss. I had hit 147 this summer. Right now I consistantly weigh in around 150-153. It is depressing. Part of me blames my arctic environment. Part of […]

Off the Wagon…

I have been a total brat lately. And not just with food, either. I am writing to get myself back on the wagon. Work has been very stressful. And because my husband and I work in the same field, we’re both stressed this time of year. So marriage has been very stressful as well. We’ve […]

Helpful Things

Below is my list of things that help me on my diet. I will continue to add to it as things occur to me. Drink liquids with every meal. The liquid helps me feel my fullness sooner and more distinctly. When possible, eat a variety of things in a meal (fruit/veg, protein, carb). For whatever reason, it […]

Checking In

I have been busy lately and haven’t posted in a while, but things are going well. Dinner is sometimes a struggle for normal portions, but the rest of my meals seem to be naturally smaller. I’m still learning, still making mistakes, but I did lose another pound last week. I also received my copy of […]


    So, most of my business travel is done for now. I found myself craving less and less fast food as my travels continued. Unfortunately, it was not always possible to choose where I wanted to eat, as I was sometimes in the company of others. On one occasion, my hubby brought a BIG  variety of McDonalds […]

Cycling Tastes

I am traveling on business again this week, but it appears my love affair with fast food has waned. It is still widely available, but no longer appealing to me. Instead of burgers and fries, Chinese food and Thai, I am suddenly craving salads and fruit, grainy breads and rice crackers. Will my cravings cycle back to junk food? Time […]

3 Cheers for Micky D’s!

I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been going quite well. I weighed in at 150.2 and 152.2 a week or so ago and I am happy with my progress. Slow and steady wins the race! I have been on the road quite a bit and have thus been eating out much more […]


It was bound to happen, according to IE, and it did: I fell on my face when it came to dinner last night. Looking back, I can see my mistakes and why they snowballed: My breakfast was unsatisfying: coffee and a lot of flavored popcorn. I never did feel full, and I think it was […]