Back to Losing, No more RE-losing

With my weigh in today of 266.5 I am officially losing “new” weight, instead of re-losing from my honeymoon gain. Not too shabby. That only took 2 weeks. I’m pretty proud of myself! Especially since this week has been full of eating off plan, including birthday cake all week.  I’ve tried to stay within my calories, but admittedly the food choices weren’t the healthiest use of my calories. After tomorrow morning’s cheesy “yay we’ve been married for 3 weeks” celebratory breakfast of waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and sausage… i will be 100% back on track. My biggest issue right now is trying to cook well for my husband while at the same time staying healthy for me. I’ve taken to simply eating smaller portions of the less healthy stuff and filling up on lighter food like fat-free yogurt and salad. I suppose it’s working.

Here is a recap of my weekly progress since I started recording my weight daily/weekly/monthly:

3/25 – 291.4
4/1 – 287.9 (-3.5)
4/8 – 284.8 (-3.1) (total 6.6lbs)
4/15 – 282.4 (-2.4) (total 9lbs)
4/22 – 278.2 (-4.2) (total 13.2lbs)
4/29 – 276.9 (-1.3) (total 14.5lbs)
5/6 – 274.5 (-2.4) (total 16.9lbs)
5/13 – 271.8 (-2.7) (total 19.6lbs)
5/20 – 267.9 (-3.9) (total 23.5lbs)
5/27 – 274.6 (+6.7) (total 16.8lbs)
6/3 – 269.8 (-4.8) (total 21.6lbs)
6/10 – 266.5 (-3.3) (total 24.9lbs)

Before I started recording, I was at 300lbs, so the total lost on my ticker is a bit higher than this recording because of that. But it’s nice to see that my progress is fairly steady without too many blips (wedding/honeymoon excluded!).

Every week is a new start with a new goal. It’s so much easier to look at this journey in that light, instead of “omg i still have to lose 100lbs…”

Hope everyone has a great day!

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