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5/2/13 9 More Sleeps……

Only 9 more sleeps before my big race!  As my previous post stated I will only make positive happy comments regarding the upcoming 15.5 mile race.  I did NOT however sign up to speak postive and happy comments regarding my everyday life! 

If I could crawl back into bed right now I would……..Woke up with a headache, walked out into the living room in the dark to start the coffee and let the dog out and stepped in cat puke, sweated my ass off while blow drying my hair (must have been 85 degrees in that bathroom), searched for 10 minutes to find matching socks only to find a hole in one when I put them on, searched another 5 minutes and said fuck it and put on the pair I wore yesterday (I know ewwwww), packed my lunch and needed a little container for my dressing (mind you I have 12 of the little 4T containers) and could not find anything with a matching lid, left my coffee mug at work so I grabbed another favorite of mine and could not find the lid, walked out the door and got in the car and started to back out and remembered my gym bag on the floor by the door. 

Yep that was the start to my morning – F word was flowing freely.  I am at work now and settled down but am waiting for the day to continue down this path – but praying it does not.

I just ordered cupcakes from a friend who makes cakes – I asked her to have her hubby drop them off at the hotel next Friday – nothing like a good suger rush before a big race.  I can’t wait to try her cupcakes. She posts on FB all the time that she has extras for sale – She lives over an hour away so I can never take advantage of those “sales” which is probably a good thing.  This will be a special treat for race weekend – along with the 90 minute massage.  That will be repeated over and over again in my head……”the sooner  you get to the finish line the sooner you can have a cupcake AND a massage” or maybe ” cupcake, massage, cupcake, massage”  That just might work. 

The perfect combination for motivation!

Race Day will be AWESOME….well at least I can count on the cupcakes and massage to help if the race is not great 🙂