Muay Thai, here I come!

After many months of “considering” it, I have finally done it.  I am signed up to take my first Muay Thai class tomorrow evening.  It’s at 6:30, so I’m sure that I wil give a full report. Right now, I am nervous and excited.  I am afraid because I am not the athletic type.  I […]

Trips and such

As you could probably guess, I love hot rods. I love them a lot. 🙂 My hubby and I have several hot rod trips planned in the coming months. I have decided that these would make great goal markers. In addition, my mother and I are going to Belize in February and I want to […]

The Step Diet

Katy x left a comment and got me thinking about the Step Diet, so I thought that I would share some basic information.  The Step Diet is a book by James Hill and John Peters.  The book comes with a pedometer, though I didn’t like it so I bought an Omron pedometer, which I love. […]