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February 14, 2011 was the day I chose to learn to love myself, a significant date that is very symbolic for me. God has carried, pushed, pulled and dragged me through life and daily I struggle with permitting Him do so. My better days are when I wholly put my faith in Him and what is to be. My body is my temple. This is the temple in which my soul resides here on Earth. My soul and breath exist only through the grace and love of God. My personal war with food is one of many surrenders and downfalls with minimal victories strategically in place to bring me to the present. One can serve God in any form or condition, however, for me, I feel like I am more capable and much stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually to go forward in His name appreciating, respecting and responsible for my temple. My faith is stronger than it’s ever been. Life is worth living no matter what bumps are in the road, what bridges I must cross, the valleys I must endure, what obstacles and challenges I encounter. I can be victorious today because God loves me. Triumph comes in many methods to be considered whether it’s a number on the scale, personal observations discovered in a healthier version of me, or sharing my rite of passage to encourage, inspire and offer hope and God’s love to others.

Today is a day of reflection – July 31, 2014. I might celebrate alone yet God knows my heart and soul better than I even know myself. Trust me, I have learned more in the last few years than I ever knew before and guess what? I like me. I love me. I am important. Most important? GOD LOVES ME. I was in a sad, lonely and miserable place for a long time. I allowed it. This is the day that I was given a new lease on life. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Chopra and The Doctors today, a year ago, was the day I woke up “skinny” or “skinless.” That was one of the most intensely emotional moments of my life. I felt renewed, reborn. I have the scars to remind me of the 25 pounds of excess skin which was surgically removed after making the dietary changes necessary to lose over 160 pounds and recapture, rejuvenate my own health and have the opportunity to live, not just exist .

The last few years I have experienced a mammoth expanse of changes that seem to continually be revealed daily. I am truly blessed beyond my imagination. It is an honor and privilege to reach out to others that are somewhere along their own rite of passage. Learning to love and care for yourself is an intricate part of succeeding in the endeavor to live a health style extending your years, increasing your abilities to be able to help others and your own capabilities to face the life issues we all have about us. God gives us countless opportunities for strength training of the qualities in which we need to sustain us through life. Patience to sit through temptations is one of my hardest “work-outs” daily it seems yet is also one that needs the most preparation to face diverse situations as well.

Ultimately I give credit to God to have made it this far and have an endearing appreciation for my life. As for this physical body and it’s safe-keeping, I am solely responsible for what fuel goes in either reaping the rewards or paying the consequence. When I think about the sacrifice that Jesus made for me, for all of us, on that cross I can give up what isn’t healthy and beneficial to my body. I am human not super-human. I do not eat “perfect” by my personal chosen standards, consenting imperfections and flaws in my dietary intake. God can forgive me where I err so I can too. Trying to do my best daily with numerous small goals helps me feel commendable when accomplishing them and not completely devastated if I don’t reach every objective established. I can try again tomorrow, Lord willing. To this present day, which truly is a gift, and henceforth, I have and will continue my efforts, with God carrying me, be Doing it for Me!

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