Future Food

Two weeks ago I walked into my Ideal Protein office for the introductory session and things have been going well. I noticed yesterday that there was something quite different. It wasn’t like a feeling of something small. I was keenly aware that something was different and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Today, I figured it out. Future Food.

I like to eat. Understatement, since that’s the reason why I’m here (and most likely the reason why you’re here as well). I like to eat so much that when I’m eating I’m thinking of “Future Food.”

That’s the food that I’m going to consume after I’m done consuming the food I’m currently consuming. Seriously.

The thoughts of my next meal, snack, food product or whatever could take up loads of time. On this program I haven’t even really thought about my future food but yesterday I thought that something was missing and that’s what it was.┬áIt’s almost frightening to think of just how much time I’ve spent obsessing about food.

When I quit smoking I decided to fold an origami crane every time I thought about smoking. I was alarmed at the visual of just how much I was smoking. When I let it go I believe that food really took over where the smoking left off. But this time it took me nearly two weeks to even notice that something was different. I’m taking that as a good sign and hopefully my constant thoughts of Future Food is well left in my past.

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