Loving my exercise and not really doing any food delivery these days. Just stopping by to say hello to anyone who is also stopping by! 😀

Hang in there and happy July!

Rockin’ It

Hey y’all! Still occasionally eating PureFoods Fresh Start gluten-free meals (I order about one week a month, or so) and I’ve started a really great exercise program that I’m feeling fantastic about. Super busy, though, so I’ve not had a chance to update this blog or the one to which I started moving all the photos, so I could deal with storage issues.

Oy! I hope I’ll have time to come back around to this, but if all I do is an occasional check-in, I hope that’s okay. 😀

Still Here

Hi Guys, if anyone is checking in. 🙂

I’m still here. Still planning to put these posts (and newer ones) up at a place with more storage room for photos.

I took a month off from PureFoods Fresh Start (gluten-free) while traveling and eating “on my own” and it was like getting back together with an old friend when the food arrived! I was very happy to have it back in my life and that’s a good sign of how much I enjoy the food and how yummy it is. Plus, it’s good for me!

I started a new exercise program at the first of the month and that’s going REALLY well. Pretty excited about all that’s going on, just really busy (too busy to stop and write about it all).

Will try to catch up more fully soon. 😀

Hope all is well in your world!