The Diary of a Diet Addict

My Ticker/Goals

I decided to jump on the ticker bandwagon.

Everyone seems to have one, so clearly I need one too.

This displays my highest weight, current weight, and goal weight.

I decided this would be a good place to write down some weight loss mini goals as well as their respective rewards! I may add to this later… but for now I only have 4. I’m lame. (:

  • 25% To Goal (196lbs) – Hopefully by March 20, 2012 MET! 03/13/2012 (ish)

Haircut/style/color/something pretty

  • 50% To Goal (178lbs) – Hopefully by May 22, 2012

My Long Awaited Foot Tattoo. Gotta do this in the summertime so I can wear flipflops

  • 75% To Goal (158lbs) – Hopefully by July 31, 3012

I’m thinking some piercing. I’ve wanted a fun new one.

  • Goal Met!     (140lbs) – Hopefully by October 2, 2012

Weekend Away/Clothes Buying Spree