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29 Feb, 2012

Day 57 – Stresssssss

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I might’ve fallen back into old habits today… I have only eaten about 900 calories today and it’s 9:22PM. This is mostly due to all the crap I’ve had to do today. I ate 3 meals and 1 snack. So I’ll eat another snack before bed and probably call it a night. Today was my […]

22 Feb, 2012

Day 50 – Asthma Sucks…

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I’ve made a decision… I’ve decided I’m not eating enough and my body is telling me so by completely refusing to lose weight. As a result… I’m going to start eating an absolute minimum of 1,350 calories a day… never to exceed 1600. I feel like this is a very good adjustment to my calorie […]

Let’s cut to the chase. Today is weeeeiiiggghhh daaaay. Except I really had to force myself to even type it like that because I’m just not excited. Today hasn’t been a particularly good or bad day, really. Just kinda, meh. So… the results. Last Week: 200.2 This Week: 200.2 Absolutely NO change. None. While I […]

29 Jan, 2012

Day 26 – I Haven’t Died!

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I hate when I go so long without being on here, checking up on my blog, reading other people’s blogs, checking the forums, getting inspired, being inspirational (not really – but I’m working on that one). I just get so busy on the weekends. And if I can fit in work, school, social life, healthy […]

26 Jan, 2012

Day 23 – Things That Are Annoying Me…

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Hellooo everybody! So, I have been getting more and more spam as time goes on. At first, I didn’t mind it so much. I just deleted them and went about my business. Now it’s staring to bother me. So, I’ve changed my settings to require commenters to be registered and logged in before they can […]