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The Rules

I’ve been adding to my list of rules for eating for the last 5 weeks & figured now was the time to write them all down. What I eat is rarely my problem, it’s when, how, and how much I eat that got me to this place (plus no exercise, slower metabolism with age, etc, etc).

The Rules:

  • 3 meals a day
  • all meals sitting at the table (or my desk at work)
  • no distractions like books, newspapers, work, TV, radio, or internet while I eat
  • a leafy green (preferably a salad or cooked spinach) with every dinner
  • starches must be combined with veggies…so brown rice or whole wheat pasta is okay from time to time, but these must be mixed with equal parts veggies: broccoli, spinach, kale, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, eggplant, etc.
  • crunchy veggies with every dinner and lighter lunches (radishes, carrots, cukes, pickles, olives); these are for munching while I figure out if I’m still hungry or full and for fun texture and taste
  • small bread plate for lunch
  • medium plate (7 inches) for dinner
  • a portion of veggie is no more than a cup, a portion of starch is no more than 1/2 cup, a portion of protein is no more than 4 oz, but salads can/should be big.
  • no eating meals right after a workout…I tend to scarf down the food without thinking about what I’m doing
  • at least 16 oz of water with meals & I actually have to drink it all (what a concept!)

  • at least one piece of fruit every day

  • at least one hour of exercise every day

  • calorie counting

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By bigprof
On April 14, 2008
At 5:22 pm
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feathers Says:

Your rules are a great idea. I’m doing much the same thing. Still have problems with the “not doing anything else while eating” rule. All too often there’s a magazine or puzzle book on the table in front of me. Love also that you’ve decided on plate sizes.

bigprof Says:

Thanks Feathers! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog!

Eliminating TV watching or net surfing while eating was a huge one for me, especially since it’s just me in my crappy kitchen looking out on what passes for a backyard in my apartment complex. But meals are a process now, not just an afterthought. The table prep, the food prep, the eating slowly & thoughfully, the boring clean are all an important part of that process…they remind me that I have eaten & eaten well & I don’t need to eat again for a while. 🙂

eileen2blean Says:

I *love* these rules!!!


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