I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Okay, I’m doing it…

Back to school, back on Atkins, back to losing. It was a near-wasted summer, but I’m back to losing 1.4 this week, 1 last week, and because of past efforts (that I really shouldn’t forget) I’m fitting into fall clothes that didn’t fit last fall. So that’s a big YAY! I’ve also tried on those that don’t fit still, and imagining when they will…five pounds will put me back into most of the ones in my closet now, ten will get me rooting through the crates in the basement (a goal for me).

So here we go again. Happy fall everyone. Okay, it’s early yet for that, but when you live life by semesters, fall has begun and it’s glorious so far.

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By bigprof
On August 30, 2011
At 6:19 pm
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