I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Just gonna take the lead from…

the people here who I count on the most.

Today, that means looking on the bright side. The research is going well. My relationship with fellow researcher is strained, I knew it would be. So…bygones. Truth is I couldn’t gather the amount of material we’re finding alone…or I could, but it’d take a month or more to do it alone. So…no.

Bright side also means that I’ve driven my car only once since Monday…to Whole Foods last night to get a lovely spinach pie, grilled asparagus, and blackberries (incredible) for dinner & snacky food. Otherwise, where I’ve needed to go, my feet have taken me & I’ve needed to go to a bunch of different sites for research over this past week. I’m all over this town!

So…food is not good. No it is not! It isn’t terrible either & I’ve obeyed some strict rules about leaving half the food (or more) on my plate at each meal. But I’ve also managed to work exercise into a research schedule that would otherwise involve nothing more than sitting very still & inhaling some very old newsprint dust.

& we’re on schedule with our gathering of materials from the various archives & at the mercy, tomorrow, of these various sites with their own schedules. This means that tomorrow morning I’ll get to read blogs before breakfast, walk to the car, then to kinkos to make copies of our sources, then the car goes back to the garage & I’ll be walking again to the Historical Society. In other words, the morning is mine & there’ll be no crazy squinting through decades worth of newsprint…in the morning, at least.

At least, that’s the plan for now…could change if I have to make a mad dash to a library in the middle of the state to see some old journals that I can’t see on Saturday since the university library will be closed on Saturday (thank you, education budget cuts!). It’s complicated, but it’ll work out. Somehow. Okay, odds are darn good I’ll have to drive down to mid-state on Saturday, spend the night there, hit the library on Sunday (only between 1-5), and drive back to detroit (7.5 hours) that evening…only to then hit the doctor on Monday before driving the 9.5 hours back to the UP. Sucks…yes. But BRIGHT SIDE! It’ll all be over in a matter of days & I’ll be back in the arms of hubby & the beautiful (and restful) UP.

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On July 9, 2009
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Sunny Says:

you can do it, darlin! 🙂

brseay Says:

Leaving half of your food on your plate is a major accomplishment, don’t downgrade it. I find that when I’m facing days and days of unstructured eating that it’s so easy to throw in the towel and get overwhelmed but you’re hanging in there. The extra walking has got to do some good, right? Then, when you get back to hubby’s arms and the UP you can get back in control of your meals and adjust your exercise as necessary.

moonfairy Says:

you may have mentioned it on a previous post so excuse me if i’m being redundant…what is the research for and what’s the topic?


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