I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


You’ve heard of “Muskrat Love”

I give you bootcamp bliss.

& I’m so glad I saved my knee for camp! Today in addition to the usual torture she comes up with, our trainer had us flipping big truck tires…not quite as big as Biggest Loser style, but still pretty big & fun…so very fun! My push ups are getting better too. While the other women opted to do modified, I did the first full round of 30 & 15 of the second round regular style before I gave in and used my knees for the last 15. So I’m getting stronger…I think.

& she gave us back our food journals from the first week. Apparently I’m the one “closest to being on point” with my eating, but I could still use more veggies, something with some redeeming value to snack on besides pretzels, & more protein. Feeling good about that. Of course, I left dinner up to hubby tonight (I usually try to throw something on before I leave for bootcamp) & he did pretty good: squash, salad, green beans, chicken sausage. But that unmistable, unbelievable smell I’m smelling now can only be an apple crisp & he’s just gone out for whipped cream. Okay, moderation & a walk before crisp.

The walks he always did back in the UP…a way to stay sane after hours staring into the computer screen, but now I’ve got him eating better too & I’m really happy about that. He told me the other day that he couldn’t remember the last time he ate a frozen pizza for dinner…& it’s been at least two months since his usual routine of a frozen pizza for dinner around 11 at night. We’re making progress, both of us, around these parts. Now if I could just shrink my biggest parts (butt, thighs, and tummy), we’d be all set!

Okay, the crisp needs tending to. Happy evening chicks!

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By bigprof
On October 6, 2008
At 5:33 pm
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eryn76 Says:

Sounds like boot camp was just the thing you needed!!

m3at49 Says:

Awwww shucks! Look at the two of you getting all healthy together. I love it!!! Sing it…”Where ever we go. Whatever we do. We’re gonna go through it together…”

I knew you’d nail boot camp. I just KNEW it!!! LOL my spider senses were tingling! What ever happened to that slower, oldest one in the group you mentioned earlier on? 🙂


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