Can Chewing Gum Reduce Face Wrinkles?

Although it may sound odd, moderate gum chewing can actually help reduce face wrinkles. If you stop to think about it, chewing gum will actually work muscles that you would not ordinarily use except when you are eating. Like most other parts of the body, when done to excess, chewing gum will increase and intensify wrinkles because you are placing heavier emphasis on those muscles than is necessary. The following will help you to get a better understanding of the difference between moderate and heavy gum chewing and how it can actually help fight aging on the face.

Initial Assessments

Some doctors and experts will argue that chewing gum always promotes the existing wrinkles on your face because of the repetitive motion that the mouth makes. If you were to chew gum all day every day, this type of constant movement will certainly work against you. Experts believe that such constant activity not only reinforces any lines already developing, but helps to wear out the muscles in those areas so that the skin has less support to keep it in place. Without the support to the skin, wrinkles would appear to be much more prevalent. 

This does sound alarming, but it does not mean that you should give up entirely on chewing gum, particularly if you chew to help reduce stress. The main contributors to wrinkles are over exposure to the sun and aging, with smoking being a big help toward aging a face and creating wrinkles. While chewing gum may contribute when done too often, it is by no means a large contributor to wrinkles. If you were to chew excessively, you may eventually see some additional creasing, but it isn’t likely to be much more noticeable than the wrinkles that will appear naturally or as a result of improper skin care, particularly when it comes to sun exposure.

Possible Benefits

When done in moderation, chewing gum may actually help fight the aging process on the face. Just like the caution you would use to protect your teeth, you want to be careful about how much you chew because of the negative effects it could have on the skin around your mouth; however, chewing does give your mouth more of a workout than it would otherwise get. Apart from eating, these muscles do not get routine use. Talking does not tend to provide a steady or consistent use of the muscles. As with any other part of the body, regular exercise can help smooth the skin because the muscles are more taut and firm. 


There have not been any thorough, final determinations or studies made on chewing gum and wrinkles. To be safe, plastic surgeons generally warn patients to avoid chewing gum, but this may not be the best course. All muscles need a moderate amount of work, including facial muscles. Based on the effects of regular exercise on other body parts, it is much more likely that a person who chews gum on a moderate level, like a few times a week, is more likely to strengthen the muscles than to promote wrinkles. 


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