8 Health Benefits of the Beyond the 120 Year Diet

The beyond the 120 year diet was invented by Roy L. Walford. The diet focuses on consuming nutrient-rich foods and restricting your calories gradually over a period of two years. According to Walford the diet is not just a diet, but rather it is a way of life. Here are some of the benefits of this diet.

Supported By Research

The beyond the 120 year diet is supported by over 20 years of scientific research.

Nutrient Rich Diet

The diet helps you to consume nutrient rich foods so that you can feel full after a meal even though you are reducing your calories. The foods included in the diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole wheat bread, legumes, salmon, turkey, eggs, dark chocolate and red wine.

Promotes Exercise

The beyond the 120 year diet does encourage you to engage in moderate exercise such as cardiovascular exercises, strength training and flexibility exercises. Exercise can help you to remain strong and aid in fighting diseases. However, you are encouraged not to overdo it, as more is not always better, according to Walford.

Weight Loss

The diet not only helps you to reduce your calories, but it also helps you to avoid foods that are high in fat, cholesterol, sugars, and other empty calorie foods as well as artificial ingredients. These two methods are sure to help you lose weight over time. However, you should take caution that you do not lose weight too rapidly as it may increase the signs of aging instead of preventing them.

Prevents Diseases

Because the beyond the 120 year diet helps you to avoid overeating on unhealthy foods which cause your body to become toxic over the years, you will be able to fight diseases including those which naturally occur with aging. These include diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. If you have a family history of diabetes, breast or prostate cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, the diet may help you to prevent these diseases from attacking you.

Promotes Youthfulness and Independence

As a result of being able to prevent most degenerative diseases you will be able to remain strong and youthful even into an old age. You will be able to remain independent as well as active.

Includes Meal Plans

The diet includes meal plans to help take the guess work out of what foods to combine in order to obtain the correct nutrients. These will also help you to remain within your allotted calorie intake.

Long Term

The beyond the 120 year diet is a long term diet that you can continue with throughout your life. This means you will never need to adapt to another diet unless you wish to do so.

Before you go on the beyond the 120 year diet, you are advised to go through a thorough medical exam to see if the diet is right for you. Those with serious or chronic diseases may not be able to go on this diet, as it can be hard for the body to transition to it.


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