7 Kid-Friendly Gluten Free Snacks

Parents and nanny’s of children with wheat allergies, and other conditions such as Celiac disease, are always on the look out for healthy and gluten free snacks for them. It is imperative that they are given foods that are absolutely gluten free so that complications from their conditions can be prevented from happening. Most of the time, planning meals ahead of time is the ideal solution.

There are plenty of foods to choose from that are free from gluten. Because of this, parents can now prepare and have their children enjoy eating different kinds of gluten free snacks everyday.

1. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables do not contain gluten. They are the healthiest foods available in the grocery stores that parents can provide for their children. There are different kinds of vegetables to choose from, and they can be combined with other gluten free food items so that children can truly enjoy eating their snacks and meals everyday.

2. Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are great for kids with Celiac disease. They are healthy, can be carried anywhere and can be mixed with cheeses and gluten free dips. Having a basket of fresh fruits at home is one way to ensure that children can always reach for a healthy snack when they want one. Canned fruits, as well as fruit juices, are also gluten free and they do not perish easily, so they can be kept longer. These are also good travel gluten free snacks for children.

3. Nuts

Nuts and mixes of nuts are also gluten free. They are light and easy to bring anywhere. Children that are very young though, should only eat nuts in the presence of adults in order to prevent choking incidents. Peanut M&Ms is gluten free as well and children would surely appreciate them once in a while.

4. Popcorn

Gluten free popcorn are popular among children. While watching television during weekends or watching movies in theaters, it is always a treat to munch on a bowl of popcorn as soon as the movie starts.

5. Hard Boiled Eggs

Some children love eating eggs. Hard boiled eggs can be combined with other gluten free foods, or can be eaten alone with just a sprinkle of sea salt.

6. Oatmeal and Cereals

Oatmeal and cereals are healthy snacks which provide children with gluten free nutrition. They always come packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers which are needed by growing children.

7. Prepared Gluten Free Snacks for Children

The market has numerous displays of gluten free snacks specially made for children. They usually come in different sizes and flavors and have added nutrients in them. These include rice cakes, crackers, ice creams, cookies and chips.


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  • Hajo

    Thanks for writing about these kid-friendly gluten-free snacks, this is really helpful. When it comes to cereal and oatmeal you have to be careful though – most cereal are based on wheat, rye, or barley, and all of these grains contain gluten. While oats are gluten-free, they are typically processed in the same facility as wheat, rye, and barley and are therefore often times cross-contaminated.