5 Diet Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

Once you finally lose the weight you have been trying to get rid of for so long, you may need some diet tips for keeping the weight off long term. Here are 5 tips for keeping the weight off:

Diet Tip #1: Don’t Eliminate Food Groups

By creating healthy eating habits that combine all the major food groups (and focusing on eating whole foods), you are going to be better off than depriving yourself of things that you enjoy. Eating a well-balanced diet will help you maintain your weight; just be sure to not overindulge in any one thing, and vary your eating between vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Diet Tip #2: Drink Lots of Water

The average person adds 360 calories to their diet daily by drinking soda. Even diet soda, whole milk and fruit juice can add unnecessary calories to your daily caloric count. Instead of all these fillers, drink water. If you drink whole milk, switch to skim or soy milk. Even these little steps will contribute to maintaining your weight.

Diet Tip #3: Stay Active

Being active helps keep your metabolism moving and helps to burn any excess calories you may be consuming. By moving around and keeping your muscles active, you will maintain your weight better and feel better all around. You don’t have to workout at the gym everyday to stay active. Any moderate exercise 3 to 5 times a week is enough to keep you in shape. This can range from walking, biking, playing sports or joining an exercise class. Be creative and find something you enjoy to do so it is not a chore, but rather something that is fun and helps you release stress.

Diet Tip #4: Don’t Overeat

Many people find that eating 5 to 6 small meals daily is easier to curb overeating than eating just 3 meals a day. If the smaller, more frequent meals can help you eat less, try doing that. Whatever method you take, make sure that you stop eating when you are full. Most people want to clear their plate, but fail to realize that they are full before doing so. Try leaving food on your plate or just taking less. By changing your behavior, you are likely to create changes that are lasting and maintainable over the years.

Diet Tip #5: Be in it for Life

Losing weight and maintaining your weight loss is a project that takes a lifetime. You need to have the mindset that it is something you must always be working on to be successful. Crash diets and super intensive exercise programs are not sustainable for long term. To really keep the weight off, you need to look at your lifestyle to change the triggers for overeating, and create a healthier diet that you will be able to maintain.

Losing weight is hard work. Once you get the weight off, don’t sabotage yourself by falling back into the same old habits. Follow these tips and keep the weight off for good!


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