3 Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise

The 3 Hour Diet was created by Jorge Cruise, the well known fitness trainer and author of the “8 minutes” series of fitness manuals. The 3 Hour Diet advocates eating meals more often to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. Cruise claims that by eating meals every three hours, you can lose weight and still occasionally enjoy your favorite unhealthy foods.

The Diet

Cruise claims that eating smaller meals more often keeps your blood sugar levels stable and your metabolism high, to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

The 3 Hour Diet recommends eating five small meals per day–breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two larger snacks. 3 Hour Diet meals should be nutritionally balanced and contain lean protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. You should drink eight glasses of water each day on the 3 Hour Diet.

No Forbidden Foods

The plan doesn’t ask you to restrict yourself to certain foods and it doesn’t drastically reduce your calorie intake. It simply asks you to eat more often. Because the 3 Hour Diet doesn’t drastically restrict your calories, you won’t suffer from weakness, fainting or dizziness the way you can on some low calorie diets. Because the 3 Hour Diet allows you to continue eating the unhealthy foods you enjoy in moderation, you won’t feel deprived and you needn’t suffer from food cravings. The 3 Hour Diet allows occasional unhealthy treats and considers many beverages, like coffee and diet coke, as “freebies.”

Because the 3 Hour Diet doesn’t drastically restrict your calorie intake, it allows you to maintain a high level of physical activity. The 3 Hour Diet could be a good diet for those who are serious about burning off excess body fat through aerobic activity, since it offers the calories your body needs to sustain a high level of performance.

Pros and Cons

Some medical experts believe that the 3 Hour Diet may be nutritionally unsound, and point to its wholehearted inclusion of fast foods and junk foods in the sample menus. The 3 Hour Diet doesn’t help dieters learn about proper nutrition and can be unclear or confusing in the area of appropriate portion sizes. The diet may help you maintain a healthy weight, but you could put yourself at risk of malnutrition in the long run, since it contains so many unhealthy foods.

Some believe that too many of Cruise’s menu ideas are based on fast and junk foods. To make the 3 Hour Diet work in the long term, you’d have to eat mostly healthy foods, and Cruise doesn’t explain how to do that. Those who don’t understand healthy eating habits might do well on this diet, but they’ll need to take it upon themselves to learn about healthy nutrition.

The 3 Hour Diet makes some outrageous claims, and may be nutritionally unsound. However, the premises of eating frequently and exercising in moderation are sound.




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