3 Exercises That Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat

Losing weight typically means boosting metabolism to burn fat. One of the quickest ways to lose weight fast is through fat burning exercises.

Fat Burning Exercise #1: Strength Training

Strength training, or muscle building exercises, help breakdown fat and increase body fitness. Since lean muscle burns more calories than fatty tissue, even when you’re not exercising, the more lean muscle you build, the more efficiently your metabolism will burn the calories you eat every day! Try investing in a small set of free weights, some resistance bands or use your own body weight (like with lunges, pull ups and squats) to build more muscle and burn more fat 24 hours a day! 

Fat Burning Exercise #2: Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic, or cardiovascular exercise, is necessary to burn calories. Aerobic refers to vigorous exercise that elevates your heart rate for at least 12 minutes. Cardio exercises aren’t limited to running. Try biking, hiking, brisk walking or even jumping on a trampoline. Any vigorous exercise that you enjoy will not only keep your heart and circulatory system healthy, but done regularly it can burn fat and calories for a leaner stronger you! Even if you only have small time periods available, break your workouts up into 2 or 3 different sessions to get 30 or 40 minutes total each day!

Fat Burning Exercise #3: Circuit Training

Without question, you get the most benefit from a combination of strength training and aerobic workouts. Try circuit training to get the benefits of both in half the time! Choose an aerobic exercise (like an elliptical machine). Do 12 minutes of the aerobic exercise, then stop and pick up your resistance bands. Do five minutes of vigorous upper or lower body exercises with the resistance bands. Switch back to your aerobic work for another 12 minutes, and end with 5 different resistance band exercises. In 34 minutes, you incorporated both types of exercises burning calories and fat, and building lean muscle! You could even engage in circuit training routines that simutaneaouly incorporate cardio and strength training.

Remember, choosing foods high in nutrients and low in fat, sugar and salt–in combination with exercise–is the best way to overall enhance your health and fitness.



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  • dan

    great site, thanks…i’ll be back

  • laura

    hello i want to know if you don’t have asnyh free programs to loosee wieght it just that i don’t have momey to buy it i don’t work i weight 235 im 20 years old i want to loose weight to be healty i saw the show and you really are a big help can you please help me and give me some tips i really need it thank you….

  • bharti

    how 2 increase metabolism. i walk for 45 minutes daily but cannot lose weight .my height is 5’ft .my weight is 62kg

  • josh

    Bharti, a quick estimate shows that you are only slightly overweight. (62kg = 136 lbs) Target weight might be about 127lbs or 57-58kg.

    You can’t really change your metabolism overall. You can only temporarily increase it through vigorous activity.

    In sum, you just need to burn or restrict more calories. But it cannot be a temporary change. Overall, you need to either exercise more vigorously (jogging instead of walking), or longer (60 instead of 45 mintues), or eat fewer calories. But be careful. You will feel hungrier, so you need to figure out how much is right and stick with it. Also, if you eat less food, you have to make sure the food you’re getting is rich with nutrients so you don’t suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies. You can also try taking vitamins to help.