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Day 8 of 17 Day Diet

So I have to confess, on Friday and Saturday, I haven’t followed the guidelines of the diet because I hadn’t stocked up on fresh fruits & veggies and just went off.  Sunday, I started again.  I weighed in this morning and weighed 184.8 (down 2.4lbs).  It’s not a lot but with the cheats I had, I’m happy 🙂  I’m going to do good this week.  I stocked up on fresh & frozen fruits & veggies and also bought packs of skinless & boneless chicken breasts.  I didn’t eat a lot yesterday.  Didn’t eat lunch…

This is what I ate:
Greek Yogurt
Strawberries (around 10)
2 Tims Coffee (Sm. DD)
Caesar Salad
Chicken Breast
Greek Yogurt

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By sophiecormier
On January 21, 2013
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