Boomer Sooner!!!

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I don’t know if you guys follow college football, but O. M. G! Yesterday was like a bloodbath. Woot!

The two day roadtrip went rather well actually, and my eating was decent. WAY WAY WAY better than it ever has been on a roadtrip before, that is for certain. We are currently at my Dad’s house, where I just consumed an “old me” breakfast” (whoops!). ARGH! I did eat a little less than I would have before, but a very little bit less 😉 And no run as of yet. The hubby is going to map me out one in just a bit and as soon as this mound of food settles I’m off! We’re having lunch at my ex husbands today, so that should be fun. They just got a new house and I am excited to see it. I know, weird situation. Meh. Anyway, after that we’ll be headed to my Mom’s for the night. Pray for my sanity. I have lots more to talk about, but the boys are in the jacuzzi and it makes me nervous!!! They think they are so cool!

Hope all you chickies are on track and having a wonderful weekend!!!


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The new voicemail message at work: Hi, you’ve reached Cathy in Finance. Please hang up and call someone who gives a shit, because I am on VACATION, biotches!! However, I didn’t do that 🙂

We FINALLY got all packed up and ready to go in the morning… the suitcases are loaded, pillows and blankets ready for the men in their seats, their toy back packs are packed, and the dvd players are set up for their viewing pleasure! Hopefully it will keep the QUIET! I even let them buy new games for their Nintendos, and little man got Wall-E. I know, I’m a sucka. 😉 I went to the commissary and got plenty of good food for the trip, so it looks like the only time we’ll need to eat out at all is dinner for two nights. Sa-weet! I am really, really hoping to stick to my good habits on this trip. It’s so hard to go home. I get emotional because I miss it, and since I am an emotional eater that equals bad news. Well, and my mother kinda drives me nuts too, but that usually is better solved with a Bud Light than a HoHo! hehe

I went for a run this morning and it was so hard, like my legs were weighted down or something. I really think I just wasn’t hydrated well. I have been sneaking in the diet coke and skipping the water. Note to self: diet coke is the devil. Eating was on plan today, with the exception of a couple of those disgusting, waxy chocolate donuts my kids love. Damn them for not eating them all!!!

I’ll try to write tomorrow, but we’ll be on the road so I’ll see how it goes. I hope you chickies are all doing oh so well, and that you have a GREAT weekend!!

Ahhhhh… much better!

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Today was a much better day. I had a logistical mess this morning, which made me miss my run, but the day quickly got better. Had my weigh in at work and I am down 2.2 pounds. woot! I had my run after work and can I just tell you… I am flyin these days! Since it gets dark so early I am kinda stuck doing my 1.7 miles (because I’m not really comfortable running in the road… we don’t have street lights here to conserve energy), but that is good in the sense that I am gaining speed. I can’t wait to run a 5k and time myself 🙂

Food was on target today (easy when I lose weight… I get encouraged) and don’t expect anything to change as the night goes on. I am getting my resting metabolic rate tested the Friday after we get back from Oklahoma, so I am stoked about that. It will be nice to see where I am at on that. The nutritionist I talked to (who is doing it) thinks I may not be eating enough calories and that is why my weight loss is slow. I’m at about 1600 calories… and would LOVE to add more and lose weight!! Ha! Wouldn’t we all?!

Well, I gotta jet. I have LOTS to do before our 1400 mile road trip! OMG, I am so beyond excited!!!

Night, chickies!


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I am having the worst day. My husband irritates the shit out of me sometimes. RAWR. I have managed to keep my calories in check (only because tomorrow is weigh in day) but haven’t exercised at all. Why does I let my anger screw up my routine???

Could it be?

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So I do believe that today ended up being another perfect day! 2 in a row? Wowza! It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t pay attention.

Today was a CRAZY day. My son hurt his wrist wrestling with my other son last night. I put some ice on it, gave him an aleve, and sent him to bed. He wasn’t complaining this morning until he remembered he had to play his cello. I’m glad he said something or I wouldn’t have made him an appointment for this afternoon. End result: fractured. Crazy, huh? He is so upset that it is in a non signable cast! Oh, and that he can’t play his DS on the drive home. OMG, that kd cracks me up with his video game addiction! Since I was at the doc late, the hubbs made dinner. Yummo! He is the grilled chicken king. After dinner I went for my skipped run. It was about 1.9 miles according to tiny2be’s website suggestion (thanks!) and since it wasn’t too long, I tried to increase my speed. I seriously felt like I was flying on the way back. I wish I would have timed myself, even loosely. Oh well! One of these days I’ll get a kick ass heart rate monitor and do that. For now I am just glad I can run 2 miles and think it is easy! I remember when that kicked my ass!

Alright, I suppose that is all for today, chickies. Hubbinator is ready to get his 30 Day Shred on! I love that he does this with me 🙂 Oh, and getupnow, thanks for the compliment, but seriously… if I were to post a naked pic you would be able to tell! I weigh almost 60 pounds more than you!! (Although maybe not a lot of that is insulation, cause I am constantly freezing my booty off!).


Love Languages

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So I picked up a book on my sister’s advice called The Five Love Languages (which I would recommend to all couples, too!). The hubbs and I were reading it together last night and it was like EPIPHANY! Anyway, needless to say we stayed up too late and I didn’t get up in time for my run this morning. I’ll fit it in tonight after dinner. I am so antsy about leaving Friday that I can’t focus on anything, and work is going to be heinous today because of it. I have so much to get done in only 4 days!! eek! Okay, that’s it for now.

Happy Monday, chickies!


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No cheating today! 🙂 whew!

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The aftermath.

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Man oh man, I did SO SO SO good yesterday. Until (you knew that was coming!) the late drive home. It was almost midnight and we had an hour drive in front of us, and we were starving. So, a little fast food disgustingness. Meh, no worries. Weight is constant this morning and I paid my pennance on the road with a good 2 mile run before making breakfast. Eventually I will get this food thing down and weight loss will come. At least that is the hope…

So we saw the Last Comic Standing tour… hilarious! Would have been funnier if I would have had more to drink, but I limited myself to one because I was trying to stay with in my allotted range. Had I known there would be drive through action there definitely would have been more liquor flowing!! 🙂 Here’s a pic my son took of us last night before we left. I have the cutest hubby, EVER!


We clean up pretty nicely. Okay, that’s it for me. I need to make some chicken noodle soup so we can just heat it up for dinner. We’re taking the boys to a movie at 4 and I know they’ll be STARVING when we get home.

Happy Sunday, chickies!!

Super Saturday

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OMG, I know I sayt his every Saturday, but I LOVE Saturday mornings! I meant to post yesterday, but I somehow never got around to it. I was busy, busy, busy yesterday. We are leaving for our trip in 6 days! As I found out on our last long trip home, my car is too small for all of us. Really, it was miserable. So, we got a new car yesterday. No offense to any of you minivan mom’s out there, but damn! I am not even 30 yet. I just couldn’t do it! On the other hand, I am an accountant and I am frugal with my money (except when it involves shoes… I lose all sense of reason) and could not justify getting a big gas guzzling SUV just for vanity reasons. So, we found a Chrysler Pacifica Touring and I HEART it! It seats 6 and is roomy and comfy, and best of all it gets almost as many mpg as most minivans. So, I am uber happy. 🙂 I also did lots of other shopping (mostly for our trip, but there was some Nine West handbag debauchery in there!) and just basically ran out of time. I did manage to get a run in with the lil one in the jogging stroller, and it was a tough one. We went 1.8 miles, but the thing is, you have to lock the wheel if you are going to jog with it, thereby making it incredibly difficult to manuever if you are going left to right to follow the curves of a road. Well, through our neighborhood, it is hilly and curvey galore, and it made the run so freaking HARD! I did it though! Definitely won’t be doing it again. I was trying to avoid the mountain (which is completely straight so no turning problems) because Jillian lived up to her shredding promise and that damn video tore up my quads!!

Eating on the other hand, not so good. I did well all day until we left the dealership. It was late and there was a McD’s and it was bad. 🙁 The hubby was bad too so we are pretending like yesterday didn’t happen. I was so mad at myself after, but what can you do. I was starving! At least I didn’t eat the nasty fries…

Tonight is date night with the hubbs and I am superstoked! I am wearing this hot lil purple halter, some sexy boots, and I am gonna slap on some makeup and straighten my hair. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I actually tried to look nice. Is that sad?? I’ll hook you girls up with a pic tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fabulous night!!!


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I am a badass. And, I am feeling very strong at this moment. Did the 30 day shred with the hubbs (which FYI is HARD as HELL!), ate well and in perfect portion, AND after that ran with my son. So, if you count walking to pick up the boys from school (which was a surprise for them… I am usually just getting there from work but I left work a few minutes early today so I had time to come drop the car off) that is 1.5 miles of walking (half brisk half not so much but giving piggyback rides), 3.2 miles of running, and a 20 minute Jillian shred. Oh yeah, who’s bad?! 😉

Night chickies!

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