Where’s the Snow?


Breakfast: hardboiled egg (80), tomato juice (45)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey Breast Entree with dressing and apples (290), 4 oz. strawberry applesauce (90)

Yeah, school’s out again today.  What a rotten time to be missing days that will have to be made up.  Everyone is ready to go back and we can’t.  Surely, we’ll be back tomorrow.  I guess I could go in and see if my room is ready but I’m not going to waste anymore time worrying about it and I’m not driving all the way in there again.

Didn’t do so well on points yesterday.  Little things.  I drank water but not enough.  I didn’t exercise but I DID get my workout room cleared enough to do it today.  By the time I finished yesterday, it was stuffy and muggy upstairs and I didn’t want to workout.  I didn’t find my MP3 player anyway.  I’m thinking I must have left it in the RV.

I fixed Parmesan Chicken from Sparkpeople last night for dinner.  It turned out too good.  It had 300 calories but I served it over a small serving of linguini.  That brought it up to 500 calories and then I caved and had another serving.  The general intention was good.  My plan was for the chicken, linguini, green salad with low-fat dressing and an English Muffin with Brummel and Brown.  Would have worked if I hadn’t gone for seconds.

So I only got 16 points yesterday.  That means I’ve got to be on point today.  Do everything I’m supposed to do.  Make sure I exercise.  Make sure I get enough water.  Make sure I keep my calories within my guidelines.  Continue not smoking.  Oh, btw, I was sitting in the living room yesterday evening and smelled cigarettes.  DS had come in the house smoking.  I immediately jumped all over him.  “Get that cigarette out of here!  You know your Daddy and I are quitting and we don’t want to smell it!  You know that!”  To which he replied, “Ok, ok…I just stepped in to get a Mountain Dew.  Sorry!”  I glared at him until he went back outside.  Definitely earned my “no smoking in the house” point for yesterday.

Okay, lot’s to do.  Mr. Scale says 205 today.  Bastard….

12:15 Update – Did a mini workout for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I didn’t intend to do a full workout.  Just a trial run to find the problems.  And I found them.  I still can’t find my MP3 with all my favorite workout music on it.  I looked in the RV, the bedroom, the family room, my workout room.  And I don’t know where it is.  So I carried my laptop upstairs and hooked up the speakers.  As soon as I turned on the music, it became obvious that the speakers were blown.  They were rattling hard enough to break the windows.  So I came downstairs and got another set.  They weren’t much better.

Still, I followed the path through stuff that has to go in the attic to get to my treadmill and gave it 20 minutes.  It was hot upstairs and I discovered that DH has taken my fan out to his shed so it got real hot real fast.  I got what I came for though.  I gave it a trial run and know what I have to do to make it work.  I’ll do pool laps this afternoon and continue to organize my workout room.  Doing good so far.


brseay says 16th August @ 20:29

The trial run was a great idea! And I’m so proud of you for continuing to kick DS out of the house w/the smokes. Maybe your good habits will rub off on him, too 🙂

fatnomo says 17th August @ 0:12

Keep it up little mamma!

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