Only four more days and today is a Friday.  I can do that.

I did binge last night BUT I binged on broccoli so I did okay.  Kept myself busy until 8:30 and then watched So You Think You Can Dance.  Never watched it before but I turned on the TV and got caught up in it.  Some wonderful dancers but that female judge, Mary, gets irritating.  Her laugh is annoying and something about her face is weird.  She only seemed to have one expression.  Weird.  Too much botox?  Anyway, I sat there for a few minutes, microwaved the leftover broccoli and by the time I finished it, I was ready for bed.

Today  is ROTC’s field day.  They have the air force setting up a climbing wall at the school, volleyball, and other activities going on all day.  I asked them if they needed anything last week and they said they had everything taken care of but then Sarge called me yesterday evening and said they needed 100 hot dog buns, 100 hamburger buns, potato chips for 100 and soft drinks.  Made a run to Kroger after Andrew got home and picked it all up.  Hopefully, I can get away for a few minutes today and join them but I still have to do a few things to the newsletter (last minute articles that the submitters haven’t given me) and I’ve still got all those laptops to deal with.  I’m going to miss “T”s help on that.


Joy says 29th May @ 6:24

Holy cow you have had one heck of a week Patty! I am sorry but that woman who turned down a letter FROM social security but will take one from a fast food place???? One word BITC-! Soor for the rude name however she is one! She could have let that through! ARGH! RED tape city. I hope that Andrew gets in.
Good job on eating lots of veggies instead of junk!
Only a few more days to go! Can you see the light?

brseay says 29th May @ 13:15

I can’t believe the social security situation from last night. It sounds like this lady should hook up w/the mean AP from your school.

I’m so sorry that “T” is really gone. I feel sad and I don’t even know him. I keep expecting that there’s going to be a happy ending and somehow he’ll end up back at school but I know the reality of the situation. Please know that you made a huge difference in his life. Is there a chance that he’ll be back next year?

paperskin says 29th May @ 17:33

Seriously, I think you need to call someone senior in this program that your grandson is applying to instead of letting weirdo ladies that try and take power trips with kids futures rule. The instructions say OR, your grandson has gone above and beyond the requirements here, and they keep refusing him. The letter from the Social Security should be more than enough. When senior officials hear about the roadblocks, if they have any brains, they will be able to clear this up and stop this nonsense.

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