Who’s up for a long weekend? Me! Me, me, me! Pick me!

Didn’t get home until almost 9:00 last night. The Summer Literacy Event went well but attendance was low. Instead of giving details, think I’ll take these ten minutes or so that I have to catch a couple posts.

11:00 – Well this is a pain in the butt!  We’ve got all kinds of people out sick today and everyone who doesn’t have a room full of kids is being pulled to do something else.  Me?  I got grabbed to do the damn Book Fair.  It was scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week and I’m surrounded by all kinds of book shelves with overpriced books and outrageously expensive pencils, erasers, and decals.  I have to sit here all day and try to make sure things don’t walk away and keep track of the money.  I haven’t been able to even get away long enough to go to the bathroom.  Right now, there are only two kids wandering around and I know both of them so I don’t have to watch them like a hawk. 

“Halt!  Stop!  What’s that pink feather sticking out of your pocket?  Is that one of the Book Fair pens with purple ink and a half dozen pink feathers upping the price to $4.99?”

“Yes, you’re looking at it correctly.  That crappy little book with the pictures of My Kitty and silver sparkles is $14.99”

“Yes, I can take change but nineteen dollars worth?  Come on, Sweetie… There are 14 people in line behind you.” 

I figured I’d take work home with me because I’m not going to be able to do anything today.  Then, I thought about putting in a 14 hour day yesterday and getting paid for 7.  And I thought about how I’m sitting here minding the Book Fair so Phyllisann can cover ISAP so the ISAP person can help with security because all three of our security guards called in sick today and I happen to know that two of them just want to extend the weekend so they can go out of town and I’ve decided I’m not taking anything home with me except my purse and my coffee cup.  So there!

8:00 – Know how long it’s been since I sat out in the spa with a glass of iced tea and smelled the honeysuckle?  About ten minutes.  Felt pretty good.  I was totally exhausted.  Sometimes I think it’s psychological.  The last six weeks of school totally kill me.  I didn’t get out of the building until after 4:00 today.  The start of a long weekend and everyone was out early.  Except me.  No one relieved me all day at the Book Fair and I finally closed it up ten minutes before my last period class.  No way I can handle the wild bunch and do Book Fair.  Any other group, I could have given them their laptops and told them to work on free rice the entire period.  I knew better with these guys.  No way I can watch a continual parade of kids, keep tabs on the merchandise, collect all the money, and take care of the wild ones.  Of course, after the bell rang, I had to pack up all the Book Fair kiosks, take care of the laptops that came in today (at least 400) and stagger out the door to the last car in the parking lot.  My poor car.  Sitting way out there in the north forty all by herself.

Came home and DH took pity on me.  Tells me we’re taking Manny and going to Belterra Casino and Resort tomorrow.  He actually tried to make reservations but they were full.  I usually prefer staying in the RV  anyway because I know who’s been sleeping in my bed but Belterra is so luxurious it’s hard to imagine anything remotely gross going on in those sparkling rooms.


Joy says 22nd May @ 6:31

Just get through today and then it will be your weekend. You take care.

anngirl says 22nd May @ 11:10

I second you Sistah!
Let the relaxation and break from the strife of the job commence!

Have a swell time 🙂

beerab says 22nd May @ 11:54

Yeah good for you- screw that- the work will be there next week. I used to do that all the time- run myself ragged taking work home and so on, not really taking a good lunch, and so on till one day I said SCREW THIS the work can wait! That attitude is probably part of the reason why my last manager hated me lol :p

Susan says 22nd May @ 20:24

Whew, Patty!
Go rollin’ in your sweet baby’s arms and win a big pot at the casiino 🙂
Hurumph! this post wouldn’t let me write the word “casiino” spelled correctly! I’m on a new computer ~ wonder if that’s why?

Joy says 23rd May @ 6:36

Have a wonderful, relaxing time at the caseeno (would not let me spell it right). Take care

brseay says 23rd May @ 7:30

I’m so proud of you for leaving the work at school. I know how hard that is for you to do. Enjoy the weekend.

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