My cell phone started buzzing with emails yesterday during the meeting and I had to turn it off.  A couple of Tagged people started buying me as a pet and there were 52 emails over an hour as one bought me and then the other.  I don’t like being “owned” by someone… especially a couple of guys I don’t know but the bidding war took my value from $18,000 to $1,118,720.  Took every penny of my “cash” to buy myself back.  I rarely visit that site.  Lots of idiots and perverts but I don’t wanna be anyone’s pet.

Last day of what has been a killer week.  As soon as I get off today, Pyllisann and I are heading to Indiana for the game weekend.  Yes, I invited Phyllisann.  I think she’ll make a great addition to the group.  She’s so much fun!  She must have had a bad day yesterday, however.  I emailed her a couple of times during the meeting and she sounded really discouraged and worn out.  Pyllisann is in principal training.  She’s taking a course in administration that has her “shadowing” the principal and has her pretty much at the beck and call of our principal and assistant principals.  In other words, she’s interning and doing the work of an administrator without the pay, recognition, or actual authority.  Tough spot to be in.  She works long hours and gets to do a lot of “dirty work”.  In fact, she’s performing all the duties of our Testing Coordinator who transferred at the beginning of the year and one of our counselors who transferred in January.  They get a lot of work out of Phyllisann for very little money.  Don’t know what the problem was yesterday but I’ll see her today.  Sounds to me like she needs a long, relaxing weekend!

I’m off to the shower.  First one in means all the hot water I want!

4:00 – Okay, I’m home and waiting for Phyllisann.  The principal told her she wanted her to be at a meeting after school today.  Crap!  Of course, she can’t say “No!”  I just hope they don’t keep her too long.  I DON’T want to be out in the boonies after dark trying to find this place again.  


susan says 20th February @ 7:20

Appoint Pyllisann as your navigator and have a blast this weekend at The Games!

Joy says 20th February @ 7:48

I hope that you and Pyllisann have a wonderful time! Have a great weekend!

delitaagain says 21st February @ 1:30

I have no idea what that buying pet stuff was about but no doubt you are worth a million, easy! lol Have fun this weekend! Delita

brseay says 21st February @ 17:44

Have so much fun this weekend! And the “internships” we all have to do in education are a bunch of bunk. My friends in the business world are always amazed that we don’t get paid for what we do. Principals have to LOVE them.

Can’t wait to hear about all of the debauchery when you return 🙂

anngirl says 21st February @ 18:47

Have an awesome weekend Ms. Patty and CONGRATULATIONS on losing 30 pounds and KEEPING IT OFF.

How many of us have lost a good chunk (hello, I lost 40) and then gained that shit all back. 🙁 It takes skills, dedication and perseverance to keep it off!

Good goin’ Ms. Lady 🙂 Have a fantastic time!

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