I’m frustrated. It’s the end of the quarter, one more week to go, and I’m swamped. What’s even worse is that ever since I accidentally overate at Subway I’ve had trouble getting back on track. I’ve felt bloated for at least two days now that I can remember – I’m so stressed that I can’t even keep my days straight – and I’m constantly afraid of the damage I did to my body even though I know it wasn’t that big of a deal. I think the reason I feel this way is because I feel so gross physically. I’ve been up for almost 12 hours now and I’ve had the following: 3 packets of cranberries & almonds, two bottles of water, and one cup of coffee. I’m not hungry. I bought two bowls of soup for later just in case and even skipped on the crackers but I’m just not hungry. My stomach feels huge and it’s making me feel anxious.

I really need to get active again. I think it will help. I need to schedule at least half an hour of exercise a day just to keep me going at this point. I’ve been dragging for two weeks and that’s not good. I keep trying to cut time so I can work and when I get a spare moment I hate to go running to the gym, it feels like more work. But after going on hiatus for two weeks, I feel like I need that time desperately.