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Well, I recently found out that my real dad who I never really knew died of diabetes complications. He had lost both legs and eyesight after only 6 years and his kidneys finally gave out after 8. (he was an alcoholic which surely led to his quick deterioration) but regardless, I am terrified.

I have dieted off and on my entire life, even recently considered lap band (decided against it) and have recently decided to try South Beach. It seems sensible. I have lost 21 lbs of the 124 (total) I intend to lose. It’ll be hard, harder than ever, I’ve never been this fat in my entire life. But this diabetes thing is terrifying. I need to do something. Now.

January 3rd, 2009 at 2:57 am
One Response to “Am I killing myself like he did?”
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    round Says:

    Hi, welcome to the blogs.

    You certainly have a clear and specific motivation, and you sound like you have a good plan too.

    Good luck!