Another “beachy” kind of day


You can smell the ocean on the breezes blowing again today.
I love that smell.
Only thing better are clothes that have been drying on a clothesline.

Trying to come up with food ideas that are soldl in TJ’s is tough.
NO spices
NO bulk
NO raw foods
NO citrus
NO….a lot more NOs follow!!!! 🙁

Going to the TJ website and browse today.
There is also another website….
“Cooking with Trader Joes” that has more great ideas.
I have one of their cookbooks…..I forgot until I just typed that!! LOL
Now I have plenty to keep me busy this afternoon.


sc 188 lbs (-1) 🙂

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  1. haha, i love this hello kitty. i like the pictures on every post.

  2. bridgekitty….i had a laugh with your name & my pic!
    thanks for stopping by!

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