exclusively calorie counting day two

Posted matilda08 on October 13th, 2009 | Filed under Journal

Ive made a point in sticking to calorie counting and Id like to see where I am a month from today. My calorie in take is 1700 per day. I think thats a good start for me and I also calulated it on mydailyplate.  ITs be very hectic for me lately my biggest problem is finding balance it this all. I go to school full time (four classes) work 25 hours per week and also have two children. THis is very hard for me. It seems almost impossible to be succesfull at all three things(school, work, weight loss) my kids will always  be priority and I dont lack in that area but school has surely been lacking. I have to get myself on ball all in all. I am not in school just to be there taking up a seat. My education is just as important as losing weight. I will continue to pray because that seems to help me. I just wish that i had someone in my home that could relate to what I am going through sigh……..

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