Day-a Two-a

Weight: 185

OMG I just found out they are opening a Chipotle a half a mile away from my house.  This is both awesome and scary.  Scary because I want to eat it ALL THE TIME, and awesome because, 5 years ago, I was able to make Chipotle part of a very successful 75 pound weight loss 🙂 (got me down to my goal at the time of 150 actually!)  So I will have to just be careful with what I get.  YAY!

Food and Exercise:

9am: core routine

10am: bagel (220) with egg (120) cheese (45) and grilled chicken (55) Total: 440

12:30pm: another chicken egg and cheese bagel – 440

3pm: hour kickboxing

5pm: greek yogurt (140), two refried bean tacos (400?), few chips with guac (200?), few bites of cole slaw and shrimp chowder (200?)   Total: 940

Daily total: 1,820

So this is over, however I am overestimating my dinner calories so I’m not concerned.  And my workout – WAS KILLER.

Every day I want to do a sort of recap of the day before… what I did right, what I did not so right, what I can improve on, etc.  So, here goes my first recap:

What I did well: stayed under my calories, worked out twice, woke up hungry today so I know I didn’t eat too much last night and I DIDN’T EAT AFTER 6 (this is so damn hard for me its ridiculous)

What I can work on: drinking water like its going out of style, getting up earlier (so hard), MORE VEGGIES!

So my weight was down 5 pounds today.  Any of you who have dieted before, and I’m assuming thats like, ALL of you since we are on 3fc, know that when you initially begin (after being naughty for a while), weight can fall pretty quickly in the first few days.  Which then makes you depressed when it slows to a standstill, but whatever.  So this 5 pounds, while I’m glad its gone, isn’t fat and I’m not stupid.  I probably won’t get really excited about losing FAT until I’m back to 175, so I got 10 more bloat pounds to get off.  Time for a mini goal!!!!  My long term goal is, of course, 155.  I would like to be at 175 when I leave for Italy on May 13th.  13 days to lose 10 pounds of blllooooaatttt. Can I do it?  I think so!


I have blogged before.  I have blogged about dieting, losing weight, getting thinner.  I generally last about a week.  I have also dieted before – ONE MILLION TIMES.  I lost 10 pounds, get lax with it, and gain back 12.  I’m here because I really want to make this work.  I have so much positive in my life.  Weight is basically the ONLY THING that brings me down.  Obviously sometimes I have a bad hair day or fight with my husband, but my weight is what makes me feel bad deep down.  So, let’s do something about it, eh?

I weighed 190 this morning.  BAM.  I weighed 175 less than two months ago, after I had lost about 15 pounds.  SEE A PATTERN?  Let’s end this now!  My goal weight is 155.  I was as low as 150 at one point, but was a little on the skinny side.  I am 6’1, and am ready to get to 155.

ACCOUNTABILITY – thats what this post is called right?  Right.  I need to be accountable to something.  So I am going to be accountable to this blog.  If anyone chooses to follow along, GREAT!  Let’s do this together.  I am going to try to keep my calories around 1200-1500 for now, and then adjust if I feel like I need to.  I am going to post progress pictures (FML).

BEFORE PICTURE!!!!!  ([email protected]*K!!!!)

I took one and I can’t figure out how to post it… it says the file is too big.  I took the picture with my Droid phone and can’t figure out how to save it as smaller.  Any ideas anyone??  I know you want to see my sexy chubby body in a bikini!!!

Food and exercise log:

9am: core exercises and a 40 minute walk/run with my dog (like, 95% walking, 5% running)

11am: egg whites (60), low-fat cheese (45), spinach (5), two slices of wheat bread (100), two slices of watermelon (50)    Total: 260

2:30pm: few bites of fruit (30)

3pm: kickboxing for an hour, 30 minutes brisk walk on treadmill

5pm: greek yogurt (140), few blueberries (20)    Total: 140

5:30pm: two sushi rolls (california with cream cheese) I am guessing around 600 cals with soy sauce

I AM DONE FOR THE NIGHT (I’m talking out loud to myself now).  My trainer thinks it CRUCIAL to stop eating by 6 to lose weight… and he’s totally right because thats how I got to 175 and thats how I’m going to get to 155!

Total calories for the day: 1,030.  I’ll take it – now all I have to do is survive until bed time without eating anything else.  Oh, and then I have to keep doing that for the next 3 months or so.  FML.