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Checklist for the De-Fattening April 3, 2012

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Only possess ONE chin
Knees that don’t rub together when I walk
Thighs that don’t rub together when I walk
No flightless wings
Flat stomach
Wrists and fingers that will support regular jewellery
Buy jeans from The Gap/Warehouse One
Eyes that are not smooshed in by fat
Run 5k
Curtainless knees
Ass that doesn’t fly around when I’m on top
Belly that doesn’t fly around when I’m on the bottom
Non-fat lady bits.

288 – First 10 lbs! Cute Jacket DONE! 03/19/12
273 – 25 lbs down!  – New Hair! DONE! 03/27/12
270 – 100lbs to go – New mp3 player! DONE! 04/01/12 (haven’t purchased it yet)
248 – 50 lbs lost!! Put an extra $100 towards summer plans! DONE! 04/26/12
233 – lowest weight as an adult EVER!!
223 – 75 lbs lost!! New (GOOD) Runners!
198 – 100 lbs gone!!! Night out on the town (complete with new dress)!
189 – Summer Goal (For 08/09/12, exactly 5 months from my official start date). CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COME!!!
180 – Sexy Swimsuit!
173 – 125 lbs gone! Take dance classes!


4 Responses to “Checklist for the De-Fattening”

  1. dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

    Congrats on your first 25LBS down!

  2. luceia Says:

    Thanks very much!! 🙂

  3. madzmama Says:

    congrats on your weight loss!! your blog is very inspiring! keep up the great work!!

  4. luceia Says:

    Thank you; that’s very flattering. 🙂

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