today is a hard day so far, talking out my feelings

today is a hard day so far,

I have a lot of internal anger because everything is so hard.  I want to lash out at everyone and everything.  I know I made the mess I am in, but dammit…… I’m trying to fix it and there seem to be obstacles at every turn.  Stumbling blocks, stumbling blocks - it feels impossible to walk for all the stumbling blocks.

I have eaten well on my plan today and feel quite full - so that is good.  Have not exercised yet, but there is still time.  I feel so tired because I am coming back down from the sugar this weekend and also because I was up for a couple hours during the night because of anxiety about the job situation.

I keep feeling like Dory the fish, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  I hope that if I ever make my first weight goal of 299 that it will give me a measure of confidence, I could use it.

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