Day 1 of 2012 – Something New

I’ve never blogged before, so I am going to give this a shot and see how it works out.  Accountability to blog at least something daily and to keep myself accountable in many areas of my life.  Sometimes I feel so out of control and feel I am just being and not living the life that I desire.

Mainly going to use this tool to purge my feelings and get in touch with why I am so “unhealthy”.   I have to do something, it feels like a slow suicide the way I have been living.  Unhealthy foods, no exercise, high stress and low self esteem.  Time for a change because evidently the way I am doing things are not working.  So, lets see if I can change some things up and do what my heart really wants to do

Goals for this month:


  • Drink more water and make it a daily habit to do so.
  • MOVE more, even if just a little is more than what I have been doing
  • Cut out fast food and bring lunch to work

These three changes alone should be better for me health wise and weight wise.  Eventually the goal is to lose a lot of this excess weight I have been carrying around for years.  I have yo yo dieted for years and years and only for me to weigh more than I ever did in my life a new day and a new start to life

Till next time