keep going

so I’ve been eating crappy for the past few days. I haven’t even weighed myself! I hate it when I have little moments like this, and you undo any good work that you’ve already done! I’m trying not to think about all the ‘what ifs’ though.. like ‘what if i had stuck to healthy eating a year ago.. i’d be done!’

I need to just forget about that stuff and keep going. So this morning I had some yoghurt and granola for breakfast, and lunch is in 1 hour or so, not sure what I’m going to have but my backup is eggs or something. I just hate cooking when it’s just for me. so annoying.

I’ve decided to continue on at uni for the time being rather than chop and change. well that was kinda a change but whatever. I really want to start exercising again, like really really.. see I was going to go to a local park and walk around this big track thing they have but the park is actually currently being renovated, so they’ve closed parts of etc, I guess that’s the excuse I’m using of why I haven’t gone yet.

My gym membership ended over a month ago, I didn’t mind the gym - when I bothered to go - but I dunno. I guess I’m ┬ájust being lazy.

There was this other 3km track, fairly flat, that I used to walk and even jog a teeny tiny bit with my friend. That friend and I are no longer speaking though, so I haven’t gone back, I’m thinking maybe i should. I know if she were to still go on that track she’d go in the late arvo, so maybe I should go there in the mornings or mid arvo or something. I just need something to do.

My parents have invited me to go away this weekend, and I’m thinking about it. I do kinda feel like going up the coast but at the same time I hate the drive, it’s about 2.5-3 hours.

Feeling a bit blurgh. I’m going to look at some clothes and dream of wearing them now!


(Don’t know ┬ámy stats today, probably weigh 116.5-117.5 I’d assume)

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