Day 1 – Starting Over

Well, I’m not exactly new to dieting, but I’m new to this blogging thing. We’ll see how it goes…

Over a year a go I lost 71 pounds. I went from 251 to 180….I felt healthy and happy. Then I started dating the most amazing guy ever and I was just so happy that I stopped caring about being healthy. Now I’ve been with him for a year and I’m back up to 231 pounds. It’s not my highest weight, but it’s high enough that I feel winded climbing stairs and I have trouble buying clothes anywhere but a plus sized store. I’m sick of it. I liked that feeling of being average. They always say size 14 is the average American woman. That’s what size I was at 180 pounds. I can’t wait to get back to that, and to go even further.

I have a very hectic life. I honestly don’t even really have time to be posting this right now, but I’m finding the time because I feel like this will help me. I work teaching Pre-K from 8am until 6pm Monday through Friday with an hour commute each way. Sundays I babysit a severely autistic 5 year old boy from 9am until 2pm while his parents are at church. I’m also a full time student, although I do take my classes online which at least relieves the pressure of actually having to go to class. I still manage to get straight A’s, but all I really do is work or stay at home and do homework and study and take tests. Its so hard to find time to exercise and to cook healthy meals when you’re exhausted all of the time. I feel like I’m already doing more then I should be, and that I deserve a break. Obviously I need to find a way to get motivated again…so I’ve decided to try blogging.

My plan for today:

I will write down absolutely everything that I eat in my food journal.
I will try and exercise at least a little bit.
I will come back here and post if I managed to stay on track today.

Wish me luck everyone!

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  1. You can do it! 😀

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