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I should be super excited August 15, 2011

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But I’m not. I’m under 300 in a long, long time. I think it was before I had Nate but I’m really not sure. I know when Jeff bought me my Wii fit I weighed more than the 330 pounds that it requires you to be. I owned it for over a year before I FINALLY got under the 330 to play with it. I actually cheated and took the carpet adjusters and it weighed me about 10 pounds less and started using it before then and when I got down enough put it back on and sucked it up and let it say I had a 10 pound gain.

Today I weighed in at 297.5. I’m under 300 pounds FINALLY and this morning it was just another day. Woohoo. Notice the joy in my typing. Really. Notice it. (Actually you should notice the sarcasm). I don’t know it’s it because I’ve done this a billion times in the past or what but it just didn’t “whip me into a frenzy” to quote a line from one of my favorite movies. This would be the weight I “started” my journey at so many times before. I guess I’m just being cautious and that’s a good thing.

So today I’m under 300 for the first time in a long time and I’ve lost a total of 55 pounds from my highest weight.


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  1. segana Says:

    Just wanted to say well done and keep going.

    I’ve just started my own blog today and I’m really enjoying reading other peoples blogs and seeing how well they’re doing.

  2. sgregg Says:

    Good job for finally getting back into the 200’s!! You SHOULD be happy! It takes a lot of work to lose weight. I can understand how you feel though. I am getting back into the 220’s after being in the 230’s for over a year now and I just doesn’t feel real yet. I have also had this mindset that it’s just meant for me to stay in the 230’s, so I will just go back up. But I’m really trying to fight that and believe that I’m in the 220’s (finally!) and that I’m gonna keep going down. We can do this!!

  3. awaken Says:

    One step at the time! thats all you need! We are proud of you and u should be it too! Keep going, and the only failure, it’s never try!
    Good luck in everything!

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