Why Cycling Strength Training Helps Runners

If you’re a running enthusiast looking to add to your routine, then cycling strength training may be the best deal for you. There are many reasons why adding a cycling segment to your workout routine will benefit you. First, adding cross training to your workouts can help you burn more calories per week. You can also increase the average intensity of your workout by adding a cycling session, which creates another benefit: the extra added performance boost you can receive.

Burn More Calories

It is easier to improve the leanness of your body when you can burn more calories a week, and adding a cycling routine will help with that. The average runner that adds one 30-minute cycling routine a week into their workout burns an extra pound of fat every ten weeks. If you look at that number for the entire year that is around fifty additional cycling routines and about five pounds of fat lost. It is true that as a runner you could just add another 30 minutes of running instead of adding cycling to your routine, but adding more running into your routine raises the risks of injury, and bike riding is very seldom the cause of injury.

Intensify Your Workout Routine

Some exercize enthusiasts enjoy adding to their fitness regimen, and when it comes to runners it is hard to find a way to add to routines without the risk of injury. If you’re already running two or three testing workouts a week, it’s difficult to add in another without overworking or injuring yourself. A perfect way to combat this and still get an extra bit of exercize in is to add a biking session, which causes very little stress to the leg muscles and is easy to handle. Adding this level of intensity can make the heart stronger, making it pump blood at a greater level and adding blood volume.

Boost Your Performance

Another bonus of adding to your exercize routine is the extra boost it gives to your performance. If running is your focal point, then biking until it trims your body fat from approximately 17 percent to 16 can cut around one minute from your 5K race time. Adding the previously mentioned 30-minute cycling segment to your exercize routine once a week can help you lose that one pound if you keep to your diet as well. Over time it can cut down even more from your race time and add to your stamina.
As you can see, there are many potential bonuses to adding a cycling routine to your workout regimen. Not only can it heighten your calorie burning, but it can also intensify your workouts which can boost your future performance times. For those who are like to run but do not race, it still has benefits, and those interested will be satisfied with the added strength that cycling will give your heart. All you have to do is add one 30-minute biking routine to your weekly to-do list, and you can receive all the benefits cycling has to offer.

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