What Is Satiety and How Does It Effect Your Diet?

Satiety is a position of being and feeling full to the point where no more food is required for the body to be satisfied. When the body is satisfied and filled, the brain and the body recognizes this satisfaction and is no more in need of additional calories. Being on a diet can be a challenge, therefore being satisfied can and does play a major part in helping you find success while on a diet plan.


Having discipline is the key to being successful on any diet. Being full and satiated gives you the discipline to say “no” to more food. This way, you can follow your diet plan successfully and not worry about overdoing it.


A feeling of satiety will allow you to eat at the right times. This is important in any diet plan since it is necessary to space out meal times in order for weight management to be successful. Being satiated during your three main meals throughout the day means that you will not be tempted to eat between meals. Finding a way to adhere to a good scheduling program requires diligence and planning. Planning meals ahead of time also helps you to know what to expect to eat, in controlled portions and amounts without any slip-ups or surprises.

Portion Sizes

Feeling full and satisfied makes it easier for you to control your portion sizes. When you’re full, you’re more selective and cognizant of the portion sizes you consume and what you put on your plate. Correct portion sizes are a very important part of any successful diet plan. Weighing and measuring foods ahead of time in the planning stages can also greatly affect any diet because the portion sizes are pre-measured and pre-weighed.


Being hydrated is also important and helps increase the feeling of being satisfied. Being adequately hydrated involves consuming water and other liquids between meals and as often as possible throughout the day. Water helps the body to feel full and lessens any hunger pangs as well.

Alternatively, not being adequately satiated can also affect your diet in several negative ways:

  • You may consume too much food in one sitting. This is why it is important to eat several small meals throughout the day in order for the body to stay full.
  • You may eat too many of the wrong types of foods, including junk foods and high sugar drinks. This happens when the body gets too hungry and you eat anything that will satisfy your hunger.
  • You may try to fill up on high carbohydrate foods and fats to feel full, thereby jeopardizing your diet. Planning and pre-measuring foods can help alleviate this problem.

Being satisfied and staying satisfied is the key in finding diet success. With proper planning, measuring, portion control and staving off hunger before it sets in, any diet can be successful. Results from being adequately satiated will be more enjoyable by following this plan.


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